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Written byNick Trethowan

Having established themselves at The Factory, Smalltown Beat is at it again for 3.0

As we launch headfirst in party season, it’s gearing up to be a wild end-of-year. With Smalltown Beat having moved venues for a long-term home and with a changeup in the usual date of STB, we are seeing the best of brand new sides to the festival, while keeping all of the old elements that bespeak their success. With the recent addition of their Warehouse concept at the outstanding and exciting venue of The Factory in Paarden Eiland, the STB team keep us engaged while waiting for the big one at the start of next year. With the kick of a horse, their lineup has force. We break down who you’re gonna see at this weekend’s Warehouse Concept 3.0 and where to get your tickets.


London based South African, Esa Williams draws influence from his roots but firmly looks towards the future, he embodies a sound without limitations. A charismatic and energy-filled DJ as well as a gifted producer, his impressive and evolving output spans his early productions, and now launching a new musical chapter via his Aweh label. Which feature collaborations with Special Touch, Forest Law and Esa’s sister Tasneem. His music is also represented by acclaimed imprints such as Dekmantel Rush Hour and Brownsword.

Through his global travels, Esa shares amazing tales that are inspired by his musical journeys. Taking inspiration from all the travels, all the people he met, and all the artists he played with, Esa is now readying new work via his Aweh musical output and label. Expect a world connected in musical, cultural and historical traditions to be enjoyed by simply listening and visualising the stories that are Esa.


Get ready to experience the electrifying sounds of Ts’epo Adoro, the Cape Town-based Sound Engineer, 1/3 of the former Hamshack Radio, and renowned DJ known as username666.021. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Mbekweni Paarl, username666.021 has always been fueled by an unquenchable passion for music. His journey led him to the world of sound engineering, where he further honed his craft.

In 2018, a new star was born as he embarked on his DJing career, quickly rising to prominence. His talent has graced some of the most iconic venues and parties in the Cape Town scene, as well as prolific sets at previous Smalltown Beats and The Search Festival, as well as a polarising force in Modular. What sets him apart is his ability to seamlessly blend the infectious beats of house music with a touch of the experimental across various sub-genres.

Chocolate Sinclair

In a city that never misses Matt Sinclair Hichens is a true renaissance figure, known for co-founding the iconic One Park restaurant and listening bar that’s become the stuff of legends in the Mother City. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; he’s also a member behind The Other and The Other Records, one of Cape Town’s favorite groups, solidifying his status as a pioneer in CT’s sonic revolution.

When you step into a DJ Chocolate Sinclair set, you’re stepping into the unknown. Matt Sinclair doesn’t just play music; he crafts an auditory odyssey that transcends genres, challenging the very essence of what music can be. From the raw emotions of folk to the visceral beats of footwork, there’s no musical territory left uncharted. His cross-genre escapades are an invitation to an exhilarating journey that defies all conventions, where boundaries blur, and expectations shatter.

Mandy Alexander

Mandy Alexander, the triple-threat sensation of DJing, radio work, and writing, is a force to be reckoned with from the buzzing heart of CT. With roots firmly planted on the dancefloor, Mandy’s musical odyssey kicked off as a passionate devotee of sound. It was in her unwavering curiosity for the pulsating energy that resonates from the underground dance music scene that ignited her quest to delve into the origins of House and Techno music.

As a regular attendee at House and Techno gatherings, Mandy swiftly evolved into a vital voice, pioneering crucial discussions that sought to uncover and confront the underlying marginalization and disparities within Cape Town’s dance music community. Her journey, much like her beats, knows no boundaries, and her impact extends far beyond the turntables.


AKA James De Beer, is a true powerhouse within the vibrant Cape Town music scene. Beyond his awe-inspiring work in botanical pharma extracts, James is a founding pillar of STB, a collective of music pioneers dedicated to nurturing and expanding the industry. With honestly a heart as pure as gold and an unrelenting passion for music, VAT69 is not only a selector but a driving force behind the evolution of Cape Town’s music landscape.

When VAT69 steps up to the decks, get ready for a sonic journey that’ll leave you drenched in the infectious beats of house music. His sets are legendary, having left an indelible mark at some of Cape Town’s most renowned parties, including the electrifying Mouth2Mouth, the cutting-edge Modular, and the spellbinding Kunda, among many others.

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