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Written byAziza Toeffie

Manpreet Kundi releases a ballad for the broken called ‘Something’ making it her third single behind an upcoming EP

UK born artist Manpreet Kundi captures our hearts with her newly released single called ‘Something’. This makes it her third single which could potentially pave the way towards an EP that she plans to release around year end. The song touches on something I believe we’re all too familiar with – the pain and heartache of being left alone in love. She really seems to highlight sheer emotion between her soft and haunting vocals against a melancholic piano melody. I particularly loved her use of oxymorons throughout the song.

With lyrics like ‘You’re ’bout as soft as a steel knife’ and ‘You’re ’bout as soft as a diamond’, it truly captures the essence of how love can be hard enough to break down walls while simultaneously building them up again. This one is for those of us who have lost in love, and reminds us that closure can be such an important tool towards healing from a love that’s ended abruptly. The song really captures how our emotions tend to shape our art, and how some of the most beautiful things in life tend to be broken inside.

Enchanting audiences with her distinct blend of dreamy piano melodies and hauntingly mesmeric vocals, she skillfully conveys raw emotion. Her creative sanctuary is found at the piano, where she meticulously crafts introspective narratives that delve into the depths of longing and melancholy. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and a vivid imagination, Manpreet weaves layered and reminiscent accounts into her music.

The cinematic quality of her work mirrors the influence of her main musical inspiration, Lana Del Rey. Despite traversing different paths in the past, music has always been the magnetic force pulling her back. For those who appreciate the sounds of artists like Lizzy McAlpine, Olivia Rodrigo, Quinnie, and Lana Del Rey, Manpreet’s music is a must-listen, promising an immersive and emotionally resonant experience.

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