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Written byJosh Raynham

“It is a coming-of-age story about flying high, teenage angst and self-empowerment” – Hidden Gemz

Somewhere between Hip Hop and Rock, newcomer band Hidden Gemz have emerged with their latest single, “Miss Munroe” to brighten up your airwaves.

Hailing from the heart of Vienna, the young band, consisting of Didier (vocals), David (bass, keys, vocals), Mateo (electric guitar) and Jonas (drums), seems to effortlessly combine different elements from the most diverse corners of the musical cosmos. A fresh sounding mix of rap, indie, funkiness and melodic licks resonates with artists such as Little Simz, Gorillaz, Outkast, or Yves Tumor, sounds that are rarely found in the realms of their home country Austria.

In recent months, the Gemz have managed to play their way onto the big stage with their smooth, stable and highly energetic live performances. It was because of this that the band, and not without reason, were invited to Austria’s showcase festival, Waves Vienna, even before the release of their first single.

“Miss Munroe” has finally come out as the band’s first single, written when they were all 17 and has set a path for the bands impending success.

Originally created as a “sad-love song”, the track now self-ironically reflects the universally understood ambivalence of feelings in the everyday lives of adolescents. Utilising smooth guitar riffs and piano samples the band creates a sound screaming summer. Vocalist Didier flows through each line speaking on self-love, teenage angst and the notion that to succeed one must dream big!

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