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About The CCC



Unearthing creativity in Cape Town, South Africa and the world by CREATING a platform and community.



Spotlighting that incredible creative talent and bringing art into a tangible space and COMMUNICATING it to the world.



All in the pursuit to CHANGE our culture with creation, community, and collaboration.


Meet The Team

Held together by coffee, cigarettes and dreams of creativity, our vagabond team is a collection of crazy, collected and charismatic. Inspired by the beautiful blue planet we live on and everything in it, we attempt at our own small way of changing the world.

“Art is the mirror we hold up to ourselves and one another, reflections of our experiences and our lives, our struggles and victories – reflections that come to define us.”

Nicholas TrethowanGlorious Leader
Cape Creative Collective - Nick Trethowan

Nicholas Trethowan

Head Chom // Fancy Words

Glorious Leader of the free creatives - stealing power back from the megaliths. Has a scorpion pit for those who don’t do their features. (Hint hint)

Sebastian Staines

Tech Angel // AC130

Far far away, behind the mountain peaks, beyond the wildest seas, you’ll find me. A freelance thinker & creator. Name your challenge and let’s chat.

Aziza Toeffie

Feature Writer

5 foot 5 but far from average. Aziza is a passionate spoken word poet, connoisseur of tea, and a true lover of life's simple pleasures. You’ll often find her nestled under a tree or in a quiet corner either reading or writing. She’s fully dedicated to finding art and creativity in every single thing. May or may not be easily bribed with hair dye, sunflowers or vegan nuggies. Apart from poetry, Aziza also dabbles in content and copywriting with a background in SEO and marketing, but creative writing is the thread that holds life together for her. When she isn’t creating content or poetry, you can find her advocating for gender equality and fighting GBV.

Josh Raynham

Feature Writer // Team Leader

A writer of creative thought and appreciator of a finely tuned bass line. In love with everything beautiful he is often found looking up at the clouds or out over a distant landscape.

Saien Benjamin

Content Manager //Feature Write

When Saien isn’t writing he’s probably playing cricket, binge-watching TV shows, listening to music or feeling existential dread about the late-stage capitalist dystopia we live in. With a passion for music but no musical talent, his tastes span from Hip-Hop and R&B to Indie Rock and even Hyperpop.

Kerryn Hopkinson

Feature Writer // Agent of Chaos

Half-blind and fueled by a combination of caffeine, rock n roll, and anxiety - Kerryn is someone who finds beauty in the smallest things and believes the tiniest stories can be the most magical. If you can’t find her, that's because she’s probably busy watching a great documentary.

Freddie Hiney

Event Oragnizer // Feature Writing

Freddie enjoys the challenge of effective marketing, communications which are honest, memorable, and edgy; as well as connecting communities together. After all, it’s about bringing power back to the creatives.

Nadia Hassim

Feature Writer

When she’s not in England working on her Master's at the University of Cambridge, Nadia spends her free time engaged in creativity in all its forms. Whether it’s reading, writing, painting, playing the drums or crafting, she likes to keep her hands busy. She takes great pride in matching her eyebrows to the colour of her outfit, loves her cat, sprinkles glitter on anything she can and will probably pay you if she’s caught not listening to music. (She also prefers “they” when you’re referring to her if you’re an acquaintance or stranger!)

Matt Visser

Feature Writer // Musician

Hailing from KZN originally, Matt grew up in saltwater, surrounded by dogs and trees and all things good. Matt is part of the band “girls on film” as well as partaking in a solo project entitled “vfis”, he studied genetics and applied biology, writes poetry, and watches live music in his free time and is terrified of punctuation.

Ameerah Moola

Feature Writer // Agent of Chaos

Ameerah is an inter-disciplinary artist; music producer and poet. Her purpose in life is to make cool things and bring about healing to herself and those around her. She is interested in being alive and the nuances of human beings.

Enter the world of
The CCC.

Jerzy Kosinski once said “the principles of art are not to portray but to evoke” and in a world of 7.674 billion people, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube, the importance of evoking community, creativity, and consciousness has NEVER been more important than it is now.

Born in Spring, 2020, The Cape Creative Collective was made with the intent to provide a platform for creators; to bring power back to the creatives, and encourage a community that evokes change and appreciation for art, for ourselves, and for the world.

As creatives, we acknowledged that we all need a platform to shine a spotlight on our work and to provide a community to premiere and feature the art that drips from the very pores of our society – that by coming together we form something so much bigger than just ourselves. Together we are stronger.

Together we can create the space we want to see in the world, creating intimate events with a collective of artists and creators in a curated showcase of up-and-coming talent as well as shining a light on the people behind the art. Together we discover the incredible names and faces behind the fabric of South African creativity. Together we explore the art that exists in multitudes throughout this beautiful planet. Together we change the status quo.

Fundamentally art is the mirror that we hold up to ourselves and one another, reflections of our experiences and our lives, our struggles and victories – reflections that come to define us. Stories that shape us; pieces that drive us; music that speaks to us, for us; paint that adds colour to the void. It is in our very nature to question the limits of our existence and as we do so, we change the world – as the very act of questioning reshapes the parameters of how we once saw it.

Live viscerally, create eternally. Together, we are each a drop in the ocean, together we are a multitude. Together, we are the ocean.