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The Cape Creative Collective was made with the intention of providing a platform for creators; to bring power back to the creatives, to encourage a community that evokes change, and to drive an appreciation for art, for ourselves, and for the world. We are inspired by a belief in what artistic collaboration can bring out in people and love to follow these imaginative endeavours wherever they may lead.

Whatever your craft: aspiring musician, fanatical artist, fine-tuned designer, or rigorous photographer, The Cape Creative Collective can help you get your brand out there. We like to collect the stories and strategies of all the local talent we can find, curate and compress it, and then share it across social media as well as our VISCERAL Blog.

Every once in a while, we plan a memorable event to honour and exhibit those exceptional people who have chosen to take this ride with us. More than a party and not quite a gallery, these events serve as a space for our creatives to see and be seen, to connect and to share.

So whether you’re simply here to browse through Cape Town’s talent, to buy tickets to our next event, or because you wish to see yourself featured up on our site, The CCC are happy to accommodate. Let the world see your worth.


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