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Written byAziza Toeffie

Inside the new two-track EP ‘Romancin’ by Thor Rixon & Yoshe

When it comes to all things musical, one thing we can all agree on is that it never really stays the same. Each genre takes on new forms and new ways of expression, and while most artists stick to the status quo, some find themselves venturing into unfamiliar waters. Thor Rixon and Josh Riley prove to be amongst those who are unafraid of a little change, and have come together to birth an EP that marries sonic house and deep, raspy melodies. Thor and Josh’s long time friendship set the foundation for this collaboration. The two artists found themselves birthing this idea in Josh’s garage in Muizenberg – a long way for Thor since taking on the streets of Berlin, Germany, however, totally worth it. Here’s a closer look inside the inspiration for this two-track EP:

Josh, who’s best known as a front man for the band Grassy Spark, takes on a whole new persona in this EP, and goes by Yoshe

“Yoshe is yet to be fully defined but it’s the container in which I will allow the light to enter. I just want an opportunity to fully allow ideas to come through me and be fully accountable for it, I both am and am not the person I was in Grassy Spark; I guess I’m giving myself an opportunity to experience myself anew?” – Josh Riley

We get to see new versions of Thor and Yoshe in both tracks as they contrast each other. ‘Romancin’ boasts some low-whispered and deep vocals coupled with an infectious house beat that had me romancin’ the treadmill at the gym on repeat! While ‘Something Bout U’ showcases higher pitched vocals and a quicker progression into a groovy, dance number you can’t resist. The unique sound in each track captures both artists at their best, which ultimately makes for some stellar music and an overall great vibe for your next jol. 

Rixon not only hits the mark musically, but steals our hearts – and eyes – with his artistic direction in both music videos. In ‘Romancin’ we find Yoshe rocking some high-fashion fits while Thor finds his own expression subtly throughout as we see him in glimpses only. ‘Something Bout U’, on the other hand, is a more abstract visual, tapping into a more retro look and feel. 

What sets each apart is their contrasting messages – an ode to Yin and Yang. Where there is darkness, there must be light, and within light, you will always find darkness. Love can be equally as scary as it is beautiful, and to be able to portray such a message through music that makes you want to dance the night away is something to be proud of. 

“When you speak the language you create, the right people will hear it”

The EP stands at the forefront of creative liberation, and captures the essence of what it means to step out of your comfort zone as an artist and embark on newer, fresher journeys. Proving that the end result can be something beyond what you’d expect. 

Music is the most versatile form of expression, because you can take it and make it what you want – as subjective as it may be. Both Thor Rixon and Yoshe do a brilliant job in proving that on the other side of something fresh, there is growth, and when we take that kind of growth out into the world, it can be scary.

However, the best forms of art are created when fear is only a subtle whisper in the back of our minds as opposed to the screaming sensation of trying something new. 

‘Romancin’ showcases that same brilliance in more ways than one. An innovative creation by two uniquely talented artists who prove to us that there is no such thing as pushing the lines of art, because in art, there are no lines to begin with. 

“Music is life. It’s a vocation, a language, a temple, spiritualism, manifestation, Eutopia, peace, purpose, but at the same time, it’s pain, suffering, self doubt, heartbreak, imposter syndrome.” – Josh Riley

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