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Written byJosh Raynham

“Synthpop for hopeless romantics…”

Los Angeles-based indie rock band, The Lovepools, take you on a haunting and evocative journey through a blend of synth-pop, psychedelia, house, and trap with their newest release, “Something = Nothing”.

The LA duo consists of Anthony Shea (Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards) and Devin McGee (Drums). The band was created by Anthony and still carries on production and recording entirely within the confines of his bedroom in Logic Pro X. Each track showcases Anthony’s prowess as a songwriter, producer, and mixer.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Gorillaz, Beck and Radiohead, The Lovepool’s newest release “Something = Nothing” is a melancholic production that takes the listener on a sonic adventure through the mind of lead singer Anthony Shea

The lyrics delve into the depths of a young girl’s struggle with suicidal thoughts and an overwhelming desire for escape. The recurring lyric, “Something always leads to nothing, nothing always leads to something,” not only delves into the human condition but also reflects the mindset of a depressed and searching young individual.

As the song gracefully draws to a close, an interpolated synth arpeggio, inspired by the enchanting melodies of The Legend of Zelda’s “Great Fairy’s Fountain,” seamlessly fades into the abyss, leaving an indelible impression on the listener’s soul.

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