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Written bySaien Benjamin

Enigmatic British singer-songwriter Hari recently released a beautiful track called “More Than A Woman”

With heavenly vocals and nostalgic R&B production “More Than A Woman” is an emotional journey with a soft soundscape, which finds Hari delving deep into the recesses of heartbreak. The track’s composition masterfully encapsulates the raw, emotional aftermath of a breakup, with Hari’s tenderness vocals and the gentle strumming of a poignant guitar, creating a soundscape that resonates with the soul.

Hari deftly showcases her lyrical prowess as she guides us on a transformative journey through the post-breakup landscape. It commences with that agonizing pang of rejection and gradually evolves into a narrative of personal growth and acceptance. ‘More Than A Woman’ stands as the second poignant single from her eagerly anticipated EP, ‘Mixed Reviews on Love.’Hari emerges as a gifted and soulful artist, imbuing her melodies with the timeless essence of old-school Jazz and R&B.

Hari emerges as a gifted and soulful artist, imbuing her melodies with the timeless essence of old-school Jazz and R&B. Her prowess in songwriting, harmoniously interwoven with the soulful resonance of her voice, conjures a sonic tapestry that captivates all who listen. Hari, whether crooning tales of love, heartache, or the pursuit of equality, consistently delivers a raw, heartfelt experience through her music.

Born into a life of travel and adventure, Hari’s parents eventually settled in the embrace of the United Kingdom, where she blossomed just beyond the bustling heart of London. Her early passion for crafting lyrical tales ignited at a tender age of seven and has since evolved, maturing like fine wine over the years. Leading up to the unveiling of her inaugural project, Hari meticulously honed her musical identity, crafting a robust body of work that eagerly awaits its unveiling to the world.

At the heart of her inspiration lies the influential debut album, ‘The Diary of Alicia Keys,’ a transformative force that has left an indelible mark on her creative journey. Hari’s forthcoming EP, ‘Mixed Reviews on Love,’ promises to be a veritable treasure trove for R&B aficionados.

Each track paints a poetic tableau of the multifaceted emotions woven into the tapestry of love – the joy, the sorrow, and the excruciating pain. Do make sure to delve into the debut single from this EP, the heartrending ‘Say U Miss Me.’

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