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Written bySaien Benjamin

Luthersson emotionally reminisces on a past relationship over hypnotic Indie-Electronic production on new release “I Can Always Picture You”.

Icelandic multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Luthersson has just released his moving new single “Sé þig alltaf fyrir mér Main” or “I Can Always Picture You” in both Icelandic and English versions. This beautiful Indie Electronic track highlights both his incredible voice and skills as a production, showcasing his polymathic artistic talent.  The track finds Luthersson reflecting on a past relationship in a poignant way, conveying a powerful sense of emotion through his vocals. Autotune is used to perfection enhancing  The production is driven by a woozy synth line, contrasted by pounding drums, with atmospheric piano notes coming in at 02:40 setting the scene for the track’s crescendo before the track gently fades out to the sound of rain falling.

Luthersson was born and raised in Reykjavik before moving to Los Angeles to further pursue his music career. Having previously explored the realms of hardcore and noise-rock playing Icelandic bands,  Luthersson began his evolution into electronic music came under the pseudonym AUÐUR. Drawing inspiration from the likes of James Blake, embarked on a journey that led to accolades such as winning the Newcomer of the Year at the Icelandic Music Awards 2016. His debut album, “Alone,” released in 2017, showcases a slick and sensual interpretation of R&B, delving into themes of isolation and longing.

Luthersson’s past ventures, including opening for Post Malone and touring extensively, reflect his commitment to his craft. His unconventional approach to music release, as seen during Iceland Airwaves, where he offered exclusive pre-listens via Pokémon GO-style hunts, showcases his innovative spirit. From filming a visual version of an album in a single take at an abandoned power plant to collaborating with Omnom for a special chocolate bar during Airwaves 2017, Luthersson has always pushed creative boundaries.

Luthersson brings forth a meticulous melodic journey with this release. The song, with its volcanic Scandinavian minimalist soundscape, takes listeners on an emotional voyage through the memory of a past love amidst the rain. Luthersson’s vocals beautifully complement the poignant lyrics, showcasing his prowess in both production and songwriting. His aim to create something unique and emotionally resonant is evident, as he infuses the instruments in the song with the essence of rainfall, crafting a truly immersive sonic experience.

With “I Can Always Picture You,” Luthersson delivers a captivating blend of heartfelt lyrics, evocative vocals, and a rich sonic landscape. The collaboration with LA designer Gianni Gallant for the single’s artwork, along with the expert mixing by Icelandic veteran Styrmir Hauksson and mastering by Glenn Schick, adds multiple layers of depth to the release. Be sure to check out “I Can Always Picture You” on Apple Music, Spotify or your preferred streaming platform.

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