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Written byJosh. Raynham

Back again, no holds barred!

On the 23rd of March, returning after a two-year hiatus (minus their cheeky post-Christmas lunch events last year and the year before), Forgotten Culture and Hotboxed are coming together to present a good old-fashioned rave!

It’s their opening party of the year and naturally, Hotboxed and Forgotten Culture are taking us on a 9-hour electronic journey focusing on some local talent at the new Apollo warehouse. The lineup includes some of Cape Town’s most beloved names as well as some from up North.


Mvelo who’s currently based between Jozi and Durban comes from a Deep House background with influences from Soundscapes, Garage, Microhouse and Buftech-driven elements. His style of playing, which he managed to develop over some time, is known by many as experimental grooves which are carefully curated and matched by his intelligent mixing. He is always a favourite behind the decks, and renowned for his adaptable and charismatic style Mvelo pushes the sonic envelope with a skilful approach towards connecting with the audience and maintaining his unique approach. While keeping a consistent flow of groove; he never fears going on an experimental journey while still maintaining the mood on the dance floor.

Dokta Ooz:

Playing for the first time in Cape Town Dokta Ooz will test out the space, spinning vinyl all night long. Dokta Ooz has spent most of his life discovering and collecting music across formats with the aim of discovering auditory perfection. His obsession with presenting music and decoding what musically makes people move their bodies has led him on a journey to master the art of DJing and to continue digging for perfection in order to share with the people.

His selection is laden with propulsive rhythm moving between House and Techno but he is not shy of a sweltering electro kick-snare, a rolling djembe drum and a compelling vocal to kickstart the mind into a state of ecstasy.

The Apollo warehouse, situated in Paardeneiland, has taken sound to a new level by introducing the Void Incubus rig! Currently one of the best systems in Africa this system really does change the game when it comes to sound! Lightcode Collective will be illuminating the night with some hot VDJ management and control. They have done dozens of shows, at some of the biggest gigs in 23/34! Not to name-drop or anything but they were lighting the show for KeineMusik, as well as at Origin, Bazique, Pangea, and Retreat Yourself.

With the event growing ever closer there is still time to get on board! This one is surely not to be missed as we all know what a stela lineup the boys at Hotboxed and Forgotten Culture have cooked up for us. These collectives are a part of this ever growing scene from here in Cape Town all the way up to Jozi. So as more experiences to share music emerge we cannot wait to to see where these collectives go!


Dokta Ooz (JHB)
Mvelo (JHB)
Joan (Smalltown Beat)
De Moda (FC)
Esma (Kunda)
Kyle OBR (Hotboxed)
Josh DLM (Hotboxed)
Dav.ID (Kunda/FC)

Don’t miss out! Get your tickets, here.

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