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Written byTorsten du Toit

Here Are My 6 Songs That You Need To Add To Your Playlists ASAP

For those constantly looking for new tunes to add to their playlists, this is the post for you. Here is a short curation of 6 tracks with varying genres, ranging anywhere from Indie Rock to Deep House. This edition covers the likes of musical acts from around the world, such as Ukraine and Hungary, along with two upcoming South African bands with new singles that you should listen to.

Comfort Club

If You’re Not Next To Me

If You’re Not Next To Me is the new Indie Pop track from Comfort Club, showcasing his beautiful voice and talent for playing and layering the guitar. Backed by the addictive drum patterns that bring so much life to this already upbeat sound. I recommend this track to anyone who’s looking for that iconic Indie Pop sound that is reminiscent of the late 2000s and early 2010s.



Ma4etaSS brings us a Deep House experience with their latest track “Background”. The Ukrainian DJ utilises sharp synths in a way that creates a bumpy atmosphere to the song, backed by the clever use of vocal samples and drum kicks. This track is great for anyone looking for a unique Deep House track to add to their setlist or playlists.

Daniel Konge


Daniel Konge, a Danish songwriter and musician, recently made his debut as a solo artist with an album titled “Breve til den anden side”. Skumringsdans – which translates to Twilight Dance – expresses melancholic emotions of having a deep connection with a lost friend over a sombre piano and modular synths. You should definitely give this a listen if you have artists like Sigur Rós and Sufjan Stevens.


Seventh Sun

The rebranded South African group, Sueños, has put out their second track of the year, titled Seventh Sun. The song features beautifully layered guitar riffs against upbeat drums that pave the way for the atmospheric vocals. As a fan of artists like King Krule and Peach Pit, I cannot recommend this song enough to those looking for a laid-back Indie Rock track to add to their playlists.



Dajer is a Hungarian experimental electronic act that regularly flows between the different electronic genres effortlessly, with a sound that mainly revolves around breakbeats with influences from jazz, techno, house, rock and punk. “Promise”, in particular, showcases his take on Drum & Bass, where he contrasts growling synths against an atmospheric backdrop. This is a track that anyone who listens to D&B should add to their favourite playlists.


Outta My Head

A three-man group from Cape Town, Moskitos, gives us a glimpse into their unique guitar-driven soundscape with the track “Outta My Head”. This single is reminiscent of the golden era of Experimental Rock, with a vocal presence that paints the perfect backdrop for the distorted electric guitar. This is a great tune for those looking for a new addition to their Experimental Rock playlists.

All this and more are available on our Spotify playlists. Check out our SubmitHub Mix below.

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