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That we Lovin’ rn

Look I’ll cut straight to the cheese. Lately we’ve been listening to some pretty dope Hip Hop with a nice range of almost everythang, which, has been a sweet blessing. There feels like a shift as we move into the latter part of the year and there is a sense of energetic build-up. Almost an oily excitement permeating towards Summer, persisting while the slogs of everyday life wash in and out of the weekly cycle towards December. While work keeps kicking our behinds, Hip Hop keeps our head above water. Here is some of our favourite selections from local artists to international up-and-comers you should be watching out for.

1. ‘You’re Freaking Me Out’


The twelfth track on Cape Tow Rapper FKA Laudable’s latest album “you’re freaking me out”, “I hope this follows your forever” is a smooth cut that showcases some great lyricism and wordplay. Featuring up-and-coming Johannesburg rapper WhoKilledMac, both artists flow smoothly over the laidback Alternative Hip-Hop production. The track’s rhythmic drums and captivating synths create a sonic landscape that’s as chill as a Cape Town sunset. Laudable’s lyrical finesse shines through as he delivers verses that ride the beat effortlessly. His words are a lyrical tapestry, replete with clever punchlines and impressive wordplay. WhoKilledMac adds his own flavor, his smooth rapping and vocals meshing seamlessly with the track’s mellow ambiance. Together, they craft a sonic journey that’s both introspective and intoxicating.

“I hope this follows you forever” isn’t just a song; it’s a vibe that captures the essence of South Africa’s rising Hip-Hop scene with a style that’s unique and blends the best aspects of Joburg and Cape Town’s varied Hip-Hop styles. It’s the kind of track you’ll want to play on repeat, letting its cool, hypnotic groove follow you.

2. ‘Fast Fashion.’

BROKEYBOYS (US) ft Xenolikezen

In a gritty saga reminiscent of outlaws from the golden days of the Wild West, Brokeboys, a trio of audacious musical mavericks – SummersEnd (20), Kyro (21), and JeremiahThe5th (21) – are rewriting the rulebook of the music industry. Not to be confused with local fashion legends, these Brokeboys hail from Virginia where their raucous journey to the sun-soaked, neon-lit streets of Los Angeles began in their high school senior year. At the tender ages of 18-19, they embarked on an odyssey to LA that would redefine their lives. What truly sets them apart is their fearless disregard for the status quo; they scoff at industry norms and instead revel in the fusion of genres and the raw, unbridled authenticity that’s their signature. Their latest opus, “fast fashion,” harkens back to the gritty days of old-school rap but injects it with a rebellious, youthful vitality.


With a sound like Beastie Boys, meet Wu Tang, Brokeboys’ unwavering commitment to unfiltered self-expression, shunning the cookie-cutter confines of the music establishment, is a potent rallying cry for a new generation of artists. As they carve out their own path through the wilderness of the music world, one thing’s for sure: the legend of Brokeboys is still in the making.

3. ‘Khaltsha’


Last week Thursday Dee Koala dropped a banging new Trap single called “Khaltsha featuring YoungstaCPT. Both artists kill their verses with fast-paced and distinctive flows and showcase their lyrical prowess. The production provides a perfect platform with its hard-hitting 808s and heavy, ominous bass. This track is a bop that demands a spot on your playlist. This dynamic collaboration showcases Dee Koala’s exceptional talent alongside YoungstaCPT’s fiery verse, delivering an unforgettable track. Renowned producers DO2 and Joe-Drick van Wyk ensure flawless execution and infectious energy.

“Khaltsha” transports you to a world where creativity reigns supreme, solidifying Dee Koala and YoungstaCPT as lyrical powerhouses. Following Dee Koala’s heartfelt single “Anazinto,” this track amplifies her artistic prowess. With an animated cover art teaser, the anticipation was worth it. “Khaltsha” is a must-listen that proves Dee Koala’s position as a musical force in 2023.

4. ‘Original’

Cooper T

Cooper T, the masked duo from Manchester, have unleashed their debut EP ‘SAPIENS‘ under Foundation Music, marking a seismic shift in British music. These modern Mancunians redefine the indie genre, channeling a future-facing spirit that draws from rap, bass, and Manchester’s musical legacy, including LVLZ and Children of Zeus. Their EP, a kaleidoscope of sonic experimentation, encompasses DnB-infused indie, funky anthems, dance tracks, and a jazz ode to humanity. The standout track, “Original,” is a captivating blend of CAN-inspired punk-funk. Its accompanying video, a gritty portrayal of Manchester life, underscores Cooper T’s commitment to artistic integrity in a world overrun by conformity. Co-produced with Dubphizix, ‘SAPIENS’ promises a political and musical journey, with remixes from luminaries like Zed Bias and Chimpo. Cooper T’s live performances have garnered a devoted following, making them a must-see act. With ‘SAPIENS,’ they’ve just scratched the surface of their boundless musical catalog, destined to be the soundtrack of a generation.

5. ‘Pipe Dream’


G-SALIH, born to Sudanese parents and hailing from Virginia (What’s with Virgina with all this talent?) shines as a recording artist and humanitarian. His magnetic cadence and powerful lyricism weave stories drawn from his own life and those around him, connecting them through universal themes and a fearless exploration of social issues. With over 100,000 global listeners, G-SALIH’s honest, self-reflective lyrics resonate deeply, while his inclusion on HIGHSNOBIETY’s “10 Sudanese Rappers You Need to Know” cements his presence in the rap scene. Beyond music, he co-founded HUMAN INTL, a clothing brand and social movement promoting leadership, equality, and activism through partnerships with humanitarian organizations.

His recent hit, ‘Pipe Dream,’ embodies unwavering dedication and resilience in the face of adversity, echoing the challenges faced by creators in the music industry. G-SALIH’s influence is boundless, with a commitment to lasting impact in both the realms of artistry and social change, leaving an indelible mark on the world. It goes hard and hits with an effortless flow and a gorgeous beat.

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