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Written byTorsten du Toit

iies. Earn their ‘Wings’ with New Single

iies. is starting 2024 off strong with their single – titled Wings – creating a unique blend of Hip-Hop, Jazz and Rock that works wonders to push their message forward. The sound that arises from that is one of change and personal growth, showcasing a clear promotion of mental wellness and redemption. This painful – yet beautiful – story of rebirth is told over a killer electric guitar, backed by jazz drums and a lively piano. 

 “iies.” is a visionary artist/band residing in Denver, CO. The name “iies” is coined from the lead vocalist’s birth name “Craig Northup II” which takes the Roman numeral two, to symbolize the two-letter “i’s” creating the word “iies”- pronounced “eyes”. 

Wanting to bring their following into a multi-sensorial experience by describing the energies of our reality via visual art and music. iies. art is expressive, vibrant, and, filled with motion; iies.’ music is lyrically complex, energetic, genre-bending, jazzy and thought-provoking.​ Far from past personas and no longer held by the mental restraints of societal, parental, and internal shortcomings, iies. now expresses a fully realised identity proudly with stories of trauma, redemption, and spirituality.

The nom de plum “eyes” was a childhood nickname given to Craig that he felt objectified him, which he now embraces to reflect how “eyes” conjure many different perspectives. He has made this idea a staple of their journey as he states that he and his band/collective only share their perspectives and invite others to do the same.​ Performing across Colorado, the iies. collective: Baz Gillen (drums), Killian Bertsch (Piano), Aidan Roberts (guitar), and Jacob Montano (bass) have showcased at notable venues such as Appaloosa, Lost Lake, The Roxy Theater, The Roxy Broadway, The Gothic Theater, Cervantes, Your Mom’s House, Underground Music Showcase, Sofar Denver and more.

‘Wings’ is one of the songs I see myself listening to whenever I need a pick-me-up on rainy days when nothing feels right. It truly feels like a war cry from the heart yearning for a mental rebirth, and a word of inspiring advice from a dear friend. iies. has a promising career going forward, and we are excited to see what comes next from them.

Check out the single in the link below.

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