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BEAT 2024

Explore the upcoming lineup and acts.

With the foundations being built for Smalltown Beats’ new long-term home and the shift in the usual dates, STB 2024 is looking at kicking off a fresh chapter for one of our favourite festival groups. Having kept us excited with the inclusion of their new branch of Factory events, the excitement for the upcoming, full festival is real. Really, really real. So join us as we explore some of the acts for Smalltown Beat 2024!



Kicking off our Smalltown Beat 2024 deep dive is London-based South African artist Esa Williams. Esa draws profound inspiration from his cultural roots, crafting an innovative musical future that transcends boundaries. Rooted in his African heritage, Esa’s music, performances, and collaborative projects, including the Afro-Synth Band, embody a fusion of diverse influences. His Aweh label spearheads a new chapter, featuring collaborations with artists like Special Touch, Forest Law, and his sister Tasneem, showcasing Esa’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries and fostering connections within the music community.

Beyond his role as a charismatic DJ and producer, Esa’s musical influence extends to prestigious labels like Dekmantel, Rush Hour, and Brownswood. Through his sonic storytelling, he invites listeners on a transformative journey—a visual and auditory feast that encapsulates the essence of his experiences and passions, connecting a world steeped in musical, cultural, and historical traditions.


Off the Meds

Hailing from Johannesburg, Kamohelo Khoaripe leads the charge for Off The Meds, a dynamic quartet that includes Swedish DJ-producers Adrian Lux, Carli Löf, and Måns Glaeser. The collective immerses itself in the experimental realms of electronica and rap, navigating the tight-knit and ever-evolving Swedish dance music scene. With a sound born out of constant exploration, Off The Meds has taken their eclectic mix worldwide, creating waves with their distinctive blend.

In 2017, their debut single “Geraas” reverberated across Europe, Australia, South and North America, and South Africa, prompting the release of their first EP, “The Meds Are Kicking In,” in February 2018. Their self-titled debut album, unleashed in late 2020, garnered critical acclaim, earning them a Swedish “Grammis” for “Dance/Electro of the Year” in 2021. Beyond their studio success, Off The Meds shines as an exceptionally entertaining live act, with each member’s diverse musical talents showcased on stage. Picture Kamo, half-naked and exuding energy, perched atop a bass speaker—just one of the many stages he calls home, shouting, whispering, and whistling with infectious zeal.



Describing the enigmatic act that is Italojohnson proves challenging, yet their name alone ignites a rampant excitement within underground circles around the globe. For almost a decade, they’ve maintained a deliberate anonymity, a key element in staying true to their distinct vision. The trio’s devotion to straightforward, functional dance music that resonates deeply has left an indelible mark on renowned dancefloors like Panorama Bar and Trouw. This commitment extends seamlessly to their productions, attracting remixes from esteemed figures in the dance music community such as Robert Hood and Cassy.

Italojohnson’s ethos revolves around letting the music serve as its own language, allowing their creations to articulate the narrative. This deliberate silence surrounding their identity adds an air of mystery, contributing to the anticipation and allure that surrounds Italojohnson, making them a fascinating and influential force within the ever-evolving realm of underground music.



Ogazón epitomizes the essence of the music she plays, immersing herself fully in each performance by releasing all inhibitions. Her approach is characterized by thoughtful consideration, placing the audience’s journey at the core. Adept at navigating the subtle nuances of electronic music, she seamlessly traverses the realms of both house and techno, effortlessly blurring the perceived boundaries between the two genres.

Ogazón’s forward-facing music propels creative progress within the well-established art form, showcasing her commitment to both innovation and the fundamental roots of her craft. Her ability to embrace change while remaining true to the core principles of house and techno reflects the dedication of a passionate student deeply connected to her subject matter.


Agua Con Gas

Agua Con Gas is a German-based DJ with a genrebending sound. He is not afraid to glide between styles such as Electro, Trance, Breakbeat and Techno. Starting out in an underground bar in Nuremberg playing Funk and House, he quickly earned a name for himself. His brainchild, a collective, event and record label, named Feral Kind, eventually became a reality in the same bar he initially played in.

Agua moved to Berlin in 2020 to break into the scene. He became a part of broadcasts such as Pattern Berlin and HÖR, and played in German clubs, namely Z-BAU, Oxi and Aeden. His sound is now a blend of Techno, Tribal, Trance and Electro, and drives himself to build a story-filled soundscape with his work.



Hailing from the Netherlands and emerging from the vibrant scene of the OOST club, MSJY is a DJ whose career has been marked by constant evolution, finding herself in residencies at esteemed venues like De School, Griessmuehle, Noorderling, and currently Oxi. What sets MSJY apart is her remarkable ability to shift her musical identity without compromising her distinctive sound. Unafraid to challenge conventions, her sets are defined by a dynamic pace, infectious energy, and a skilful balancing of diverse moods.

This equilibrium is delicately achieved, smoothly guiding listeners through an expansive range of styles. With a meticulous approach, MSJY transforms the otherworldly into a format suitable for the club environment. Her forward-thinking approach and careful preparation allow her to seamlessly navigate between genres that might initially seem incompatible, expanding her sound palette while maintaining a deep respect for the organic flow of the dancefloor.

DJ/Radio Host

Mandy Alexander

Mandy Alexander, a triple-threat sensation based in the pulsating heart of CT, excels in DJing, radio work, and writing, establishing herself as a formidable force. Her musical odyssey sprouted from a fervent devotion to sound, cultivated on the dancefloor. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity for the underground dance music scene, Mandy delved into the origins of House and Techno.

A regular at House and Techno gatherings, Mandy swiftly evolved into a crucial voice, spearheading discussions to unveil and confront the underlying marginalization within Cape Town’s dance music community. Her journey, like her beats, knows no boundaries, impacting far beyond the turntables. Mandy Alexander stands not only as a skilled artist but also as a catalyst for change, using her multifaceted talents to reshape the narrative of dance music in her community.



Premis is a familiar figure in nightlife, often found working behind the scenes as an engineer and technician. His expertise extends to a personal fully front-loaded horn sound system, showcasing his commitment to the intricacies of sound. This technical proficiency seamlessly translates into both his productions and his role behind the decks. Despite his nights being dedicated to crafting cutting-edge bass music, Premis takes an old-school approach to DJing. His collection spans New York’s finest 90s vocal house and Croydon’s signature 2-step, affectionately known as “gerridge.”

Behind Premis’ audiophile demeanor lies a surprising twist—his DJ sets are marked by unpretentious grooves and a primary focus on ensuring a good time. Despite his deep technical understanding, he brings an infectious energy to the dancefloor, bridging the gap between technical precision and an authentic, enjoyable experience for his audience.



Kujenga, an Afro-jazz ensemble based in Cape Town, draws its name from Swahili word, meaning “to build,” which signifies the band’s commitment as musicians to construct and craft meaningful experiences for each listener through their art. Their music represents a fusion of genres from the African diaspora, with a focus on Black improvisational music at its core.

In 2019, Kujenga unveiled their debut album, “Nationality,” exploring themes of Africanism, spirituality, and political expression. Currently, the band is actively engaged in the creation of their forthcoming full-length studio album. For the meantime however, listen to thier latest sinlge Hymn For Hani



VAT69, also known as James De Beer, stands as a powerhouse in Cape Town’s vibrant music scene. While making waves in botanical pharma extracts, James is a founding figure of STB, a collective committed to nurturing and advancing the music industry. With a heart as pure as gold and an unwavering passion for music, VAT69 serves not only as a selector but a driving force shaping Cape Town’s musical landscape.

When VAT69 takes the stage, brace yourself for a sonic journey immersed in the infectious beats of house music. His legendary sets have made a lasting impact on Cape Town’s party scene, gracing renowned events like the electrifying Mouth2Mouth, the cutting-edge Modular, and the enchanting Kunda, among others.


Justin Slack

In the mid-1990s, Justin Slack found himself accidentally immersed in DJing when he co-founded the ambient club The Gel. His journey continued with residencies at prominent venues like Function and Rhythm Divine, where he showcased his eclectic taste at various events. For an extended period, Justin held the residency for London-based Best Kept Secret in Cape Town, delivering marathon 5-hour sets each week. These sessions became a sonic exploration, spanning diverse genres from hip hop to broken beat, deep house, and beyond.

Recently becoming a resident with the hEAR Collective, Justin now illuminates Vinyl Digz events. His sets and radio show, “Times We Used To Spend,” act as a vibrant reflection of his kaleidoscopic record collection, embracing everything from R&B to jungle, house, and techno. For Justin, playing records serves as an opportunity to connect with others, radiating positive energy through the universal language of good music.



In 2016, Craig Van Dijk and Daniel Singer formed ‘Novelty‘ to share their love for high-energy music. Their distinctive sound, infused with old-school house and dub techno influences, has been showcased on labels like Akronym, Rave Your Soul, and City Bowl Wax Network. Co-founding ‘Xylem‘ and ‘BookClub’ enabled them to explore various house and techno sub-genres, evolving their sound continuously. With one member skilled in sound production and the other possessing a careful ear, they’ve found a balanced creative process.

‘Novelty’ is carving a niche in the South African underground scene, gaining attention with recent releases on ‘Akronym‘ and ‘Rave Your Soul.’ Having played at events like Just Between Us and Future Frequency, the duo remains committed to delivering their unique, high-energy sound inspired by the music of the 2000s within the local scene.



Senetran, a prominent DJ based in Johannesburg and the visionary behind Love2Love, passionately orchestrates events that celebrate music and togetherness within the LGBTQIA+ community. Their notable presence extends across the South African dance music scene, with performances at CTEMF, Search Festival, Pangea, and past appearances at Small Town Beats. Senetran has graced the decks of renowned club nights, including Movida, Vinyl Digz, Slow Down, and Living Room, showcasing their versatile talent.

Beyond their role as a DJ, Senetran hosted the Love2Love show on The Other Radio, collaborating with like-minded collectives such as NOT SORRY CLUB and Three Women. They are dedicated to championing inclusive lineups and cultivating the underground queer dance music scene in Johannesburg. Senetran’s sets, rooted in hope, offer a curated journey for reflection, rejoicing, and connection—a celebration of love and light that resonates throughout their music.



DJ/Producer Deano, deeply rooted in a diverse musical background, became a fixture in the local music scene at a young age. His hands-on approach prioritizes quality, extending to label management, visual curation, and various projects. Releasing solo EPs and singles on labels like Hardgroove, AWRY, and Symbolism, Deano features remixes by notable artists. Knowledge Imprint, his label, globally promotes emerging talents. 

Holding a 7-year residency at Cape Town’s Modular Club and VAULT Nights, Deano’s versatility spans house to techno. Regular appearances at Johannesburg’s Toy Toy and performances at major Cape Town festivals reflect his dynamic presence. International tours in cities like Berlin and Vienna further solidify Deano’s position as a notable force in the global electronic music landscape.


Cody Losper

Cody Losper, the founder of Slow Down in Cape Town, is a guarantor of quality music on the dance floor, curating sets that are tasteful, deep, and rich in character. His musical approach leans towards the head-spacey, embracing a deep-listening and dreamier style within the realm of house music. Infusing shades from ambient, dub, and house genres, Cody crafts performances that stand out for their depth and captivation. These sets are versatile, fitting seamlessly into various situations and settings, whether it’s an opening act or a late-night session.

Having graced some of the country’s premier underground music events, Cody consistently pushes the boundaries of the underground scene, presenting new and exciting ways to engage with the crowd. His mission goes beyond the music, aiming to unite dance floors across South Africa by celebrating its rich diversity and fostering a shared love for music.



Every now and again Saunter emerges from the depths of the underground, skillfully crafting mesmerizing blends of mysterious minimal, eerie tech house, and futuristic bleepy techno. With an innate ability to seamlessly merge echoes of the past with a forward-looking vision, this Cape Town producer and DJ has become a captivating ambassador of the new-school underground sound, earning recognition both locally and internationally. His works include releases on the Paris-based label Chat Noir and the local City Bow Wax Network.

He’s the go-to authority when delving into these scenes. However, expect no dwelling on nostalgia from Saunter; he prefers things cheeky. His nuanced selection of house and techno playfully dances between eerie undertones and unexpectedly emotive moments. If it’s Saunter, it’s bound to be saucy.


Luukanyo and The High Rollers

LUUKHANYO, a talented RnB rapper hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, is renowned for his genuine lyricism and a genre-blending style that incorporates contemporary RnB, hip-hop, funk, and jazz. Notable achievements include a successful tour alongside The Hii ROLLERS at Fête de la Musique in Johannesburg and Pretoria, along with a standout performance at The Music Imbizo in Durban, solidifying their influence in the South African music scene.

His latest track, ‘Hii ROLLER,’ garnered impressive numbers with 300K plays on Spotify and 100K plays on SoundCloud. LUUKHANYO’s career took a significant stride forward with a recent signing to a London-based label, emphasizing his potential for making a global impact through his music.

LUUKHANYO and The Hii ROLLERS have received widespread recognition, clinching victories in competitions like Texx and the City’s Band or Bust, as well as Let’s Get Local’s Big Band Brawl, earning them the esteemed title of Cape Town’s Best Band. His debut single from 2021, ‘FLOAT,’ showcased his innate talent with its smooth melodies, groovy instrumentals, and laid-back flows.

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