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Written byAziza Toeffie

DnB’s best kept secret: A Rave to Remember

In the heart of Cape Town’s vibrant nightlife, a mysterious energy has taken hold, pulsating through the city’s Drum & Bass scene. As Above, So Below, a clandestine event shrouded in anonymity, has emerged as a new and enigmatic movement. Organised by faceless figures within the industry, this party has ignited intrigue and curiosity, creating a buzz that reverberates far beyond the dance floor. And in a scene where transparency and personal connection often define the relationship between artists and fans, the decision to remain anonymous has become a bold choice. 

I recently attended their first party which took place on 20/01/24, and I have to commend these guys on the integrity of the event as a whole. The line up featured some favourites within the scene such as Amseth, Kage, Among us, Mew Zu, Lolo and a surprise set from It. Hz. Yep, that’s right – Jon Casey and Chee reunited to grace the decks again with what was probably one of the craziest sets I’ve experienced thus far. 

The venue, XONE, which was carefully selected for its intimate atmosphere, becomes a playground for the unknown.

As you step into this underground space, you’re greeted by a captivating blend of hypnotic visuals, immersive lighting, and the unmistakable thump of bass that beckons you to lose yourself in the sonic labyrinth. I found that the juxtaposition of the secret organisers and the electrifying energy on the dance floor gives As Above, So Below a unique rep. It was almost as if reality had been distorted for the night.

Now, as much as I’m all about these super underground, dark and spooky spaces, I noticed that during the course of the evening, the red lights that adorned the ceiling were turned off. This lack of lighting combined with the smoke machine made it a bit difficult to decipher what exactly was happening if you weren’t right in the front. I noticed that it also seemed to be a bit of a schlepp for the DJs as they couldn’t entirely see what they were doing. Adding to that, there seemed to be brief moments of silence between the sets instead of it flowing and mixing seamlessly from one artist to the next. Luckily these minor details didn’t seem to dampen the night, because each and every set was out of this world.

It was the sound in the hallows, and what came were the shadows. No matter where you went, it followed. As Above, So Below.

It seems like As Above, So Below is more than just a party, more than just the new kids on the block; they’re a movement, a testament to the enduring power of music to transcend boundaries and create connections. By removing the focus from themselves, the anonymous organisers have allowed the music and experience to take center stage.

This creates a sense of unity and collective celebration within the Cape Town Drum & Bass scene. As the beats echo into the night, the mystery of As Above, So Below continues to captivate, leaving its mark on the city’s cultural landscape as an unforgettable and unparalleled experience in the world of underground music. Be sure to keep an eye on their page for the next one, I know I will! 

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