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Written bySaien Benjamin

K Supreme shows why she’s the “Hottest in the City” with her latest single

K Supreme is one of the most exciting Hip-Hop artists in Cape Town and with “Hottest in the City” she has further proved that she has the potential to go all the way to the top. From the get-go she grabs your attention with her distinctive and catchy flow over a booming yet simultaneously intricate Trap Beat that is almost impossible not to be captivated by. Produced by Naivo Beats, the song boasts an energetic baseline that radiates pure confidence.

K Supreme’s catchy and high-speed chorus, with its resonant lyrics, creates a unique and captivating rhythm that demands the attention of listeners. Her skillful verses demonstrate her rapid-fire delivery and ability to ride the high-tempo beat with ease. Her impeccable lyricism paints a vivid picture of a fearless and modern woman ready to take on the world. The pre-drop and drop moments on the track only add to its energy.

“Man I told these motherf***ers I’m their zaddy’s father figure

Digits on 6 figures

I be reckless when I spit

Get the cash then I split

-K Supreme – Hottest in the City

K Supreme has been making waves in the Cape Town Hip-Hop scene and with her skilled lyricism, entertaining flow, and impressive beat selection it is clear to see why. Born and raised in Simons Town, she discovered her love for music at a young age. Growing up with music always playing in her household, it became an integral part of her life. During a challenging time when her parents separated, music became her escape, providing solace and comfort.

Inspired by artists like OMG Girlz and Diggy Simmons, she began honing her musical skills and writing songs. Today, K Supreme draws inspiration from the likes of Nicki Minaj and Nasty C, delivering impactful lyrics with her own unique swagger. Collaborating with talented musicians, including Swish Prince, Yxng Meezy, and FLeeQY, she has quickly gained attention towards her music.

“It is about being back and claiming my crown. And showing people that I’m a talented artist & that I’m here to stay”

-K Supreme, on the motivation behind her latest track

Through her consistent freestyles, she has built a solid following on social media. Her talent has been recognized in being chosen to represent Cape Town at the Stimorol Flow Lab 2023, among 30 other musicians from South Africa. Partnering with OTZ Music, she aims to expand her brand and vision. Recently, K Supreme showcased her skills at Dee Koala’s 4 The Khaltsha event, captivating an audience of over 120 people. Keep an eye out for K Supreme, as she continues to make her mark in the music industry.

With her sudden rise, people can’t help but wonder who this emerging talent is and what she’s all about. Her latest track is a testament to self-confidence and owning one’s spotlight.  “Hottest in the City” showcases Supreme’s talent as a musician and a fierce young woman who’s here to stay. With more in store for 2024, she has a lot to say in her music. K Supreme’s track is a powerful statement, proving that she is indeed one of the “Hottest in the City”.

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