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Oh Covid

what a funny thing you are.

Meet Altello (@altelloband)! A Cape Town indie pop-rock band born from the love of live music. Jason Fairhurst is the lead singer and lyricist and Chris Faure heads the lead guitar melodies.
They love music and the creative process. There’s nothing that can really make you feel like music does – music itself inspires us to create.

We asked them what the most interesting thing they’ve experienced as a band was:

“The funniest thing we’ve experienced was being an upbeat rock-pop band playing to a small crowd who wasn’t allowed to dance, wearing face masks with an 11 o clock curfew (oh Covid what a funny thing you are)”

Ultimately, Altello’s intention with their music is to invoke emotion, to lighten up someone’s day, and to help someone through something tough. [@jasonhurst_ @_christah ]

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