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Photography is about feeling,

not about beauty.

Lexi Hide (@lexihide)gave us the low-down on her creative influence, her passion for feminine expression, and her thoughts on what photography should entail.

When we chatted to this powerhouse of a photographer about her inspiration, vision and techniques, she had this to say:

“My work is inspired by the connection I feel between my internal and external worlds. I try to convey this synchronicity by alluding to the ideologies of eco-feminism. My photography is about rejection, and return. I attempt to capture the immaculateness of the female spirit without patriarchal influence by conveying a naïve tenderness for the natural world.”

“Photography shouldn’t be just for the sake of creating a pretty picture. It’s got to have conceptual backing in order to be worth anything. Photography is about feeling, not about beauty – sometimes they intercept, but beauty should not be the goal of a photograph.”

“My medium of choice is 120mm film, not only for the qualities of the film, but also for the process it demands. You have to slow down, pre-plan and consider. With this medium, I have lost the spontaneous aspect of my photography which I miss – but this forces me to really consider the depth and quality of concepts before I create them.”

Lexi Hide places her models in the natural world not merely to stand, but to blend. The combination of environment and female form accentuate each other equally.

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