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My goal is to inspire viewers to live

simplistically and authentically”

Good morning, and welcome to the mind of the wonderful Meghan Nicola (@megnnicola). Here she shares with us a story of how her perception of photography and art were moulded by authentic story-telling.

“There was one open exhibition I attended in Madrid – it was so small and really just a group of friends that had gotten together to expose some of the projects they had been working on for the year. There was one photographer that had simply stuck up images she had taken on film of her family in the Canary Islands. Her work really stood out to me because she was so humble with what she had to exhibit – her family, her house, her life; all up on a wall, unframed and open for everyone to see. This really changed my perception of what it meant to be a photographer from the idea that one’s purpose is taking aesthetically beautiful pictures to an understanding that photography can be used for capturing authenticity through stories.”

“I know that I will always seek to capture stories that need to be told and use art as a way to create questioning within people – whether it be about identity, the natural world or our place within it. I believe by displaying these interconnections between man and the natural world, there is a greater desire for people to experience and reflect on these connections themselves. My goal is to inspire viewers to live simplistically and authentically.”

Meghan Nicola traverses the genres of photography, capturing images that beg for their stories to be told. She has an eye for narrative and an eye for mood.

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