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Wherever you end up, just make sure it’s

a beautiful space to enjoy what you create.

We spoke to one of our favorite False Bay creators – Demi Bucklow (@dembuck_). We asked this wallflower about what inspires her:

“Often it’s waking up in the morning, trying to decide whether I’m working on one thing or another. Usually what kind of inspires me to get down to it is focusing on my process more than the actual final image that I have in my head or if I have a photograph to work from – even if it’s just picking up some pieces of paper and starting a collage. I find myself just really enjoying the process of getting to that point, so I try to make it easy for myself by working in my journal, or flicking through photographs that I’ve taken, trying to see what could I draw from those or how could I mix up those images to make a new collage. A lot of the videos I create take ages with the process, all the little details of linework – before even getting to that final image. It’s kind of trying to capture all the in-between bits before having that final piece or something you are happy with in the end, something that is more concrete.

I try to make the process a lot easier for myself and more enjoyable so whether it’s taking your studio space outside or changing your environment so that more ideas are coming up based on where you are positioned, you know? I guess what makes me really want to sit down and create is creating an environment for myself that is comfortable. Before even putting pressure on myself to create the final thing I am working on, just to enjoy the whole process fully and then it just becomes very natural, I suppose. Then every day you’re like “cool, well I really want to just sit in my studio, or take it outside”. Wherever you end up, just make sure it’s a beautiful space to enjoy what you create.”

We love you! Keep making the most beautiful art and spaces. Check out her page for more of her beautiful work.

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