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Spreading the message of love

in this dark world.

Turning the spotlight, we wanted to get to know Tiffany Schouw (@tiffanyjowschouw) a bit more. Who is this bright, brilliant artist, where does she want to be and what inspires her?

“I’m a coloured, feminist, illustrator and graphic designer from Cape Town, South Africa: spreading the message of love in this dark world. I grew up in the Southern Suburbs and spent most of my time daydreaming, waking up early to look for fairies, and extremely curious about rave culture. My mum sent me to art classes since I was 7 and that truly changed my life. Memories of painting flowers by the stream – what could be nicer? After spending just over two years as a graphic designer in a financial services industry, I finally took the leap and left my job to really push myself towards freelancing and doing what I love.”

What inspires you?
“Dreams, my childhood, watching my sisters in their teenage years, visits from ghosts, 00’s music scene, nature, depictions of my ideal world.”

What is your creative process?
“I spend a lot of time looking through my favourite Tumblr accounts and Pinterest for inspiration. I go through all these weird notebooks I’ve doodled in over the years during meetings and to my surprise, there’s always a couple of gems that I’m able to scan in and edit digitally. If it’s something specific I need to be doing, I need music playing in the background or some weird podcast. It takes away that pressure so everything flows nicely.”

What is the funniest/most interesting thing you have experienced as an artist?
“People’s interpretations of me and the art I make. Some messages I get really crack me up. They say things like “Woah, I took mushrooms this weekend and your new post really took me back to that trip I had.” I can assure you it’s not intentional. “

Where would you like your art to take you?
“To the bank. Jokes? Eh, I’d like to be more comfortable but I’m very curious to see what’s in store for me.”

What is your purpose as an artist?
“To bring out the beautiful child inside all of us no matter how far apart we’ve drifted.”

Tiffany Schouw we adore you!

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