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Creative Spaces are present and used all over South Africa but with a combination of beautiful landscapes, longstanding creative areas and infrastructure, and widespread engagement and participation within them, Cape Town displays some of the most interesting and unique around.

Here’s our guide for anyone, newbies or locals, looking for a few ideas on some of the best ways to explore the creativity they have in them or that others have produced in Cape Town.

1. For the movers looking to connect

Silent Discos

It’s hard not to feel inspired when you’re surrounded by serene beaches and expansive scenery and this has been true to form for many creatives who use the natural landscape as a stage for their artistic expression. Silent Discos are one example of this and there are a few groups who host some events at beautiful natural spots where you can dance, let loose and tune in to yourself for a while. These events can range in focus from to yoga and meditation or a neighbour-friendly jol, but either way they’re a unique way of enjoying local music and spaces. Check out Secret Sunrise and Silent Events for some ideas for upcoming silent discos and keep an eye out for any popping up at spots closest to you.

2. For the ‘support local’s wanting something unique

Slow Fashion Brands

In an ever-growing socially and environmentally conscious society, some of the best ways to engage with creativity is through slow fashion and locally made brands. Studio Candor, Art Club and Friends, Eat Your Greens and Moon City are just a few examples of some of the many locally made jewellery and clothing stores that frequently pop up at markets, online or in physical stores. Because most of these stores run on small batch productions, these brands are wonderful way to pick up some unique pieces for your outfits and express your own style and are also a great way to see other ideas of local creativity and trends. If you’re looking to explore a few of these stores, be sure to also check out of some of the markets happening around such as Thrift Fest, The Candor Market and Old Biscuit Mill which feature a great selection of interesting creatives.

3. For the new hobbyist

Pottery Classes

Where there is an abundance of creativity in a city, there’s also numerous spaces to learn and make your own craft. Art, acting and music classes are often thought of first when looking for new artistic hobbies but another great option which is steadily gaining popularity is pottery. Some amazing studios in Cape Town offer classes and sometimes fun workshops too such as Baikt Ceramics’ speed dating and pottery nights. Clay Café is another local staple for pre-made pottery pieces ready to paint alongside a lovely lunch. If you’re looking for a new creative outlet, consider doing some research on your local pottery workshop for a slightly different artistic medium.

4. For the regulars looking for the right spot

The Dedicated Creative Homes

One of the special things about Cape Town is its longstanding independent creative spaces celebrating local talent and art. The Labia Theatre, Theatre Arts, The Book Lounge and Zeitz Mocca are a few examples of established galleries, theatres and stores who, besides being a wonderful stop for visits, also host larger events for the public to come enjoy. The Labia, for example, include a wonderful selection of films year-round but also hosts local talent such as the 48 Hour Film Festival and the Shotties which display short films submitted by up-and-coming creatives and students. The Book Lounge also hosts many book launches and talk from local writers, and Zeitz Mocca regularly arranges art classes and seminars for eager pupils. Keeping an eye out on established galleries and institutions for some of their upcoming events is a great way to engage with creatives and maybe join some classes and seminars that can push your creativity too.

5. For the foodies wanting the best

Food and Cuisine

With endless wine farms, an established plant-based community and too many amazing restaurants to ever completely get through, Cape Town is a foodies delight with a taste selection to suit everyone. Perhaps not always considered a ‘creative’ hobby, cooking can be one of the most imaginative personal expressions with the added bonus of being a delicious customer experience. Cape Town’s many markets such as the Old Biscuit Mill and Vegan Goods Market are a must stop, hosting a selection of unique dishes for you to pick up and sample. Ice cream parlours such as Tapi Tapi, the Creamery and ditto Ice Cream are another great stop for a treat and often have unique flavours every time you go. Additionally, many restaurants host cooking classes where you can learn to create your favourite tastes for home.

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