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Written bySaien Benjamin

Krept and Konan bring the heat with bar-heavy Road Rap banger “Dat Way”

Over an insanely hard garage beat Krept and Konan show off their lyrical ability and technical prowess. With catchy punchlines and smooth flows, “Dat Way”  is definitely a track that will get stuck in your head. This track feels like an ode to everything great about British Rap and Grime. Simultaneously paying homage to their predecessors with an old school garage-influenced beat, whilst maintaining a fresh modern sound. I’m always a sucker for a football reference on a UK Rap tune and Krept delivers a great line with, “Jadon Sancho, bro done a move from a German, a slick double entendre, something which the track is packed with.


Casyo “Krept” Johnson and Karl “Konan” Wilson both grew up in South London and met when they played a football match against each other in 2005. Konan is the son of well known Jamaican musician Delroy Wilson, who is regarded as Jamaica’s first child star, so was exposed to music from a young age. He wanted to be a musician from a young age and was always clear about the career path he was going to take. In contrast Krept didn’t take music seriously till much later in life, only seeing music as a hobby till he met Konan. After meeting again at a local event Konan pushed Krept to join him in seriously pursuing a music career. Konan wrote him a letter stating “We need to do this music thing and go hard”, and his words proved to be the motivation Krept needed.

 The duo didn’t look back, releasing their debut mixtape “RedRum” in 2009 and rose to mainstream prominence when their third mixtape “Young Kingz” reached number 19 in the UK charts.Their debut album “The Long Way Home” became the highest-charting UK Rap album in history, reaching number 2 in the UK album charts. 


Krept and Konan have since established themselves as one of the biggest trailblazers of a new wave of UK rap music. With over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and almost 100 million plays on their 2015 hit “Freak of the Week”, they are certified superstars. After a three-year hiatus, during which they worked on a BBC documentary and started a restaurant in Croydon, the pair have returned with a bang. Stormzy describes them as being “UK rap royalty” which shows the high esteem they are held in by their peers.


If you like British Rap, I thoroughly recommend giving “Dat Way” a listen. If you enjoy what you hear you can’t go wrong with taking a deep dive into their discography. I’m really interested to see what Krept and Konan have to offer next, to add to their already great legacy.

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