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CCCTV Presents: Carltopia // Carlos Barty

CCCTV Presents: Carltopia Surf

Proudly presenting our Sunday CCCTV Premiere on @carl_topia and @carltopiasurf

With its recent addition to the Olympics, there is no doubt surfing has become increasingly more mainstream and focused in the public eye. With a growth of 12% a year to its participants, the time old argument of styles of’ old-school’ and ‘new-school’ has increasingly entered the surfing world. In short: are you in the water to burn everyone in the lineup and not give a fin about it or are you out there because you love every moment of it and shine that positivity.

Carl Barty, founder and owner of @carltopiasurf is one of those soul surfers. Always with a smile, a positively terrible but hilarious joke and a can-do attitude that would make McGuyver look ineffectual. This wave rider and shaper has been crafting longboards that ride like a dream, are completely unique and are appearing in the surf all around Cape Town.

We sat down and got to know about the man, the myth and the legend.

🎥: @sebastian_staines
🎶: Ya Ya Breathe – @brunopernadas

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