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Tracks we’ve been loving.

Damn, what a mad couple of weeks for local releases… Things have been crazy, from increasing unrest with taxi violence to the last Winter storms, there has been a lot to long for. However, as per usual, local music talent prevails. From a range of genres we’ve got a hot selection of the best tracks and music videos released over the past few weeks.

Embark on a special auditory journey as we delve into the latest offerings from South African artists and bands that are igniting the local music scene with their creative fervour as we aim to bring out a New Music Thursday every two weeks. These tracks encapsulate the vibrant essence of the nation’s musical landscape, showcasing a diverse range of genres and distinctive talents. From indie rock to hyperpop, each composition paints a unique sonic portrait that resonates deeply.

Join us as we unravel the stories behind these captivating tracks, each representing a unique chapter in South Africa’s musical narrative.

1. ‘Show You Off’ 


Honeymoan’s latest single “Show You Off” is South African Indie at its finest. With a sound that is at once nostalgic and reminiscent of 2000’s Alternative classics, whilst having a fresh spin. 

The track, which was released on the the 16th of August, has already gained attention and been showcased as part of Apple Music‘s New Artist Spotlight. The UK-based South African quartet, comprising Alison Rachel, Skye MacInnes, Josh Berry, and Kenan Tatt, crafts Alternative Pop with a unique blend of inspirations including Psychedelia, Indie, and Shoegaze. 

Following their successful UK tour in 2019, the group’s evolution is evident in their latest release from the upcoming debut album, “Sorry Like You Mean It,” slated for September 29th. “Show You Off” delves into the complexity of clandestine attractions and personal conflicts, as described by vocalist Alison Rachel. With their signing to Communion Records, Honeymoan continues to stand out, addressing the struggles of modern youth in their distinct sonic tapestry.

Check out the music video here!

2. “eMtunzini”


Muzi’s latest track “eMtunzini” is a dynamic testament to his multifaceted musical journey and creative evolution. Having solidified his name in the South African music scene during the 2010’s, Muzi has continued to consistently push boundaries. With his 2018 breakthrough album “Afrovision,” he garnered global recognition.

“eMtunzini” perfectly showcases Muzi’s distinctive approach to sound and provides an insight into his upcoming album “uMuzi” which will feature Coldplay’s Chris Martin. The song is a nostalgic blend of vintage Afro-house and ’80s synths, skillfully weaving a heartfelt narrative about his parents’ love story. Muzi’s signature versatility shines through, as he seamlessly integrates diverse textures, from baritone vocals to thudding bass. The accompanying video adds cinematic flair, capturing Muzi’s journey to the coastal town of Mtunzini, dancing atop his family’s classic Toyota Cressida.

With every release, Muzi solidifies his status as an influential force, effortlessly combining innovation with storytelling. “eMtunzini” not only hints at his forthcoming album’s potential but also showcases an artist unapologetically embracing his own unique path.

3. “what do i care”

Internet Girl

Internet Girl have been one of my absolute favourite South African bands for a while, with their unique blend of Hyperpop, Bedroom Pop, and Indie Rock giving them a sound that is distinctively their own.  Their latest track “what do i care“, which dropped yesterday, encapsulates the essence of their genre-blending prowess. 

The opening chords of the song, adorned with a melodic guitar riff, establish a familiar yet entrancing vibe. The emergence of dynamic drums and synths amplifies the auditory journey. Ntsika’s angst-fueled vocals serve as the emotional core, resonating with their signature style. “what do i care” is a testament to their artistic evolution, cementing their position as an unparalleled gem in the SA music scene. Internet Girl consistently pushes boundaries, and this track seamlessly continues their legacy of sonic ingenuity.

4. “Qoba”

Toya Delazy x Ahadadream x TashLC

Offering us a truly diverse 21st-century sound, Toya Delazy releases to us her latest single “Qoba”. This latest track speaks to reclaiming female positivity. A body track encouraging the feminine spirit to take up space. QOBA means ‘chop’ in Isizulu in queer culture slang, which would be synonymous with slaying, being sharp, serving, and fine-tuning.

“The best way to slay is by being oneself and having the self-love and acceptance to let yourself be free and feel at home in your own skin and being. I applaud all women who have found that place and encourage those who fear to take a chance on themselves,” says Toya.

With features from Ahadadream x TashLC this track really brings in a South African energy that is synonymous with the genre of Amapiano and African rhythm. With her unconstrained limitations, Toya operates in the space between rave, grime, and hip-hop, synthesizing her influences into a diverse aesthetic that transcends borders both artistic and geographical.

5. “Villain”

Kristi Lowe

Kristi Lowe‘s musical journey comes full circle with her latest single “Villain,” showcasing her evolution from a 15-year-old prodigy to a seasoned 25-year-old singer/songwriter hailing from Cape Town. Amidst her diverse genre explorations spanning jazz, R&B, dance, and pop, “Villain” emerges as a defining moment. Known for past hits like ‘This Moment,’ ‘Not Here To Please You,’ and ‘Take Me Away,’ Kristi steps into the spotlight confidently.

The track’s subtlety is countered by a raw lyrical honesty that resonates profoundly, like a meteor of emotion. Having already made her mark locally and internationally, Kristi’s Spotify release sets the stage for an impactful ‘blockbuster-style’ music video, cementing her enduring presence in the music scene.