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Written byJosh Raynham

Mo•Louie gives zero f***s with her new single ‘Hold You’.

Australian-based artist-producer Mo•Louie delivers immersive soundscape ‘Hold You”, seasoned with throbbing beats delivering an edgy, off-centred, alt-pop fantasy.

With the release of “Hold You”, Mo•Louie  moves into a new space of being unapologetically herself. With that comes a slutty, euphoric, messy anthem that will have you moving to each beat and holding your breath at each break. ‘Hold You‘ crafts immersive soundscapes seasoned with a throbbing beat delivering an edgy, off-center, alt-pop fantasy. Mo’s current music looks into the world within her own mind, and ‘Hold You’ is no exception from this.

The song represents the suffocation of everyday life. It represents the feeling of letting go, to just get out of one’s own head and go and mess around within the joys of life. Mo•Louie dives into the sexual desire one gets when their mind is free and ready to experience an elevated sense of passion. 

“Rather than put this suffocated feeling aside and go out, drink, dance and have a good time, I would use the frustration to elevate my free and reckless experience. Using that energy with someone I don’t know and feeling it with them sexually. So the pain and pleasure coincide.”

The is elevated through Mo•Louie’s music video which sees Mo wearing a look by Naarm designer Something Shit. The clip filmed by Bonn Creative, and edited by Mo herself depicts the feeling of suffocation through plastic, smearing her lipstick in a passionate and erotic  explosion of energy. 

Mo is on a journey of internal reflection. “I have had a truly enlightening experience as a  person, producer and artist. I’m trusting my gut more when making musical and artistic decisions,  which is really bringing the world of music and visuals I’m trying to create to life,” she says. 

With a number of accolades to her name, 2021 saw Mo nominated for ‘Best Producer’ at the  Music Victoria Awards, following this in 2022 saw Mo receive the Creative Victoria Grant to  produce and release three singles. With two of these singles now out into the world, Mo will be  ending the year with one more release ahead of 2024 which is set for her debut EP and tour. 

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