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Written bySaien Benjamin

From Sweden to Your Soul: Jon-Olov Woxlin’s ‘Junk Trunk’ Strikes a Chord

Swedish singer-songwriter Jon-Olov Woxlin recently released his fifth album “Junk Trunk” a beautiful Folk record that evokes the American South with a Scandinavian twist. Woxlin possesses a remarkable storytelling ability that has shades of Bob Dylan, he finds beauty in the mundane and turns snippets of ordinary life into magical tales with his wit.

Woxlin who hails from Gothenburg/Helsingland, has blessed us with his latest offering. Recorded on a serene afternoon in December of last year, this album perfectly encapsulates the essence of Americana, folk rock, and country music. With its raw authenticity and organic sound, “Junk Trunk” is a testament to Woxlin’s commitment to capturing the live feeling of his music.

The album marks Woxlin’s fifth album, following a series of successful releases in the same genre. As a seasoned artist, he understands the importance of preserving the natural flow of his songs, which is why he avoids excessive retakes during recording sessions. This dedication to spontaneity and the live experience shines through in every track on the album.

With just three instruments and Woxlin’s captivating vocals per track, “Junk Trunk” offers a stripped-down and intimate musical experience. Woxlin’s guitar and vocals serve as the foundation for the album, providing a heartfelt and soulful performance that captivates the listener from start to finish. His lyrics are poetic and introspective, delving into themes of love, longing, and personal reflection.

“Listen to Nirvana
Convert to Buddhism
Try to reach Nirvana
Neglect all criticism
Trust your intuition

– Jon-Olov Woxlin – Junk Trunk Blues

Accompanying Woxlin’s vocals and guitar are the talents of Björn Petersson on double bass and Erik Gunnars Risberg on steel guitar, dobro, mandolin, and fiddle. Petersson’s double bass provides a warm and rhythmic backbone, grounding the songs with a rich and resonant sound. Risberg’s mastery of multiple instruments adds depth and texture to the album, creating a captivating sonic landscape that beautifully complements Woxlin’s compositions.

The mix and master of “Junk Trunk” by Björn Petersson further enhances the album’s sonic quality. The tracks are impeccably balanced, allowing each instrument and vocal to shine through with clarity. The production maintains the live energy and authenticity that Woxlin holds dear, while still offering a polished and professional sound.

Throughout the album Woxlin showcases his versatility as a songwriter, effortlessly transitioning between Americana, folk rock, and country. From the wistful ballads to the foot-stomping anthems, each song carries its own unique charm and emotional resonance. Woxlin’s ability to craft melodies that stay with you long after the album has ended is a testament to his songwriting prowess.

“Junk Trunk” is a remarkable addition to Jon-Olov Woxlin’s discography. It captures the essence of his live performances, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the raw and genuine beauty of his music. With its captivating lyrics, soulful vocals, and expertly played instruments, this album is a testament to Woxlin’s talent and passion for his craft. “Junk Trunk” is a must-listen for fans of Americana, folk rock, and country music, and it solidifies Woxlin’s position as a noteworthy artist in the genre.