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Written bySaien Benjamin

Welcome To Dreamland

Last Friday, having heard a lot of buzz through the grapevine, I found myself at the launch party of the new clothing range “Dreamland”, by young and exciting streetwear brand M3nace. Pulling out all the stops M3nace put together a star-studded Hip-Hop oriented event featuring the likes of K.Keed, Orish, Ewiva!, SimulationRxps, and many other exciting musicians.

When I walked into the venue I was immediately struck by the level of style of those in attendance and how much local streetwear was being repped. “Dreamland” provided a great showcase of the incredible upcoming Hip-Hop talents that Cape Town is home to, along with some more established artists in the scene. It also provided a perfect window into the emerging streetwear scene that M3nace now swims in the waters of.

“It provided a perfect window into the emerging streetwear scene that M3nace now swims in the waters of.”

After a somewhat slow start, promising young rapper and CCC favourite A1 Madiza got things moving with the 2nd performance of the evening, with his sheer energy getting the crowd jumping.. Performing his hard-hitting new single “Block Hot” Madiza had the audience chanting along with him. Now the evening was beginning to really take flight.

Jaxobz stood out for his unique, and fresh sound which fuses Cloud Rap and Trap with elements of Rock and Bedroom-Pop influences to create a distinctive and polished style. His charisma and rockstar-esque energy were tangible while performing. His latest single “TheLongHalloween” was my personal highlight of an all-around incredible set.

Deylin Universe had everyone grooving during his DJ set with a selection of Pop Classics and Rap bangers. From Brittney Spears and Nicki Minaj to Kendrick Lamar and Lil Uzi Vert, Deylin had the perfect selection to cater to a wide spectrum of musical tastes.

Headliner K.Keed, a true gem of the local Hip-Hop scene, and the most streamed female South African artist on Spotify, was a real highlight with her intricate wordplay and catchy punchlines over bass heavy trap beats. “Vitamins”, my favourite track from her set, perfectly showcased her unique cadence and flow.

Having really impressed me with their launch I am stoked to see what comes next from this fresh, up-and-coming brand. Cop some of their fire black and white Grunge tees via DM @theofficialm3nace

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