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Written bySaien Benjamin

Jaxobz Showcases His Remarkable Potential with “Octupus Salad”

Local rapper, producer, and songwriter Jaxobz dropped his genre-defying debut album “Octopus Salad” yesterday. Being solely responsible for the production, and mixing and mastering of the album, it is an impressive feat for a teenager releasing his first album. Jaxobz has developed an authentic and unique sound that is truly a breath of fresh air from a young source.

He blends Hip-Hop with Bedroom-Pop, Grunge, and Hyperpop elements to create a beautifully experimental soundscape. The album is a trippy ride through Jaxobz’s entrancing production, complete with some eclectic samples, distinctive vocals, and a mixture of introspective and braggadocious songwriting.  

“She only look at me when I get numb

– Jaxobz – Numb

The album opens with the titular track “Octopus Salad” which serves as an introduction to the album’s distinctive sound with innovative sampling, some dope guitar riffs, synths, and melodic pitched-up vocals. The Hyperpop-tinged production immediately grabs your attention and leaves you in anticipation of what’s to come with the tracks that follow it.

The second track, “Vampslayer” has a mixture of a more traditional Trap sound mixed with a Rock influence. “Devilman” is a frenetic Hyperpop banger that makes for a thrilling listen. Jaxobz’s fast-paced flows provide a perfect match for the high-energy production, combining to make it one of standout tracks on “Octopus Salad”. 

So In Love” showcases his selection of flows, while driving drums lead the beat. “Revival” is a powerful track, with moving lyrics about heartbreak and intricate production making it another hard-hitter on the album.Immense Pain (Gone)” is an introspective track, which finds Jaxobz reflecting on relationships and mistakes, over melodic synth-heavy production.

His willingness to experiment with a myriad of different sounds with his production and a range of captivating flows set him apart as an Artist in a lane of his own. I can see Jaxobz becoming a prominent name in the SA music scene in the near future with the remarkable promise he has shown with his debut album.

Whilst Jaxobz’s sound is very different from most other local artists you can hear the influence of JPEGMAFIA in his unorthodox production and niche sampling, Playboi Carti and his Opium label signees Ken Carson, Destroy Lonely and Homixide Gang in his flow, along with Hyperpop influences like Snow Strippers and Midwxst. He has taken these influences and his own keen eye for sample selection and instrumentation to create something that will stick with you long after your first listen.

Make sure you give “Octopus Salad” a listen as soon as you can if you haven’t already. This album has something to offer no matter your taste in music with the way it spans genres. Check it out on Spotify or Apple Music, and bless your ears with this incredible project.

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