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Written byJosh Raynham

“As an adult, I am finally on the journey to build myself sexually and spiritually as the woman I want to be from the ground up.” – Dune Moss

Born into a colourful and chaotic family Dune Moss was thrust into the throws of life with vigour. Dune’s family lived in rural areas where they raised animals and tended to gardens. They were travellers, sometimes living on the road in an RV. Her nomadic childhood helped Dune learn the ways of the human heart and peer into the minds of all creatures that dwelled deep in the spirit of Mother Nature.

It was through this creative chaos that Dune began to forge her musical pathway. Over the years Dune’s sound has been shaped into genres that consist of Ethereal Magic, Indie Electronic, and Ambient Pop. She draws inspiration from artists such as Enya, Imogen Heap, Cocteau Twins, AURORA, Skott, Florence + the Machine, Purity Ring, and John Williams.

Eyes Inside My Walls“, sees Dune Moss give us a glimpse into her despondent sorrow. Darkly-hued synths cast sinister shadows as Dune recalls a youth lost to religion-sanctioned oppression and psychological manipulation. Dune Moss’s powerful vocals reveal an explosive resolve to trust her inner authority.

“Eyes Inside My Walls” is a song that reflects one of my deepest scars. I grew up in a religion that pinned me down and restricted many aspects of who I am. In my community, when you turned 8, you were baptized and told that you were at the “age of accountability” with the responsibility to repent of all your sins. All the men I confessed my sins to were older and compelled me to describe intimate details of my daily life. I was made to recount specifics about all encounters. They twisted my innocence and turned it into shame.

“Eyes Inside My Walls”, though, is not about shaming myself. Instead, it’s the raw feeling of anger and sadness for all the years I spent faithfully following their all-male leadership. My childhood and teenage years were spent with the patriarchy’s eyes watching every move I made. Here I am at 22, only now realising what was done.

With this as her drive, Moss has forged a deep passion for creating a sphere of music that feels simultaneously otherworldly and earthy, whilst at the same time providing an introspective look into how she has had to deal with past traumas in her life.

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