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Written byJosh Raynham

You could call it a “more edgy version of Lewis Capaldi” but honestly, it’s just MICHA.

Blurring the lines between pop, alternative, and singer/songwriter, MICHA brings a sound full of passion, energy, and heart. Often on the waves of blending musical genres MICHA’s musical taste is certainly eclectic, from Chet Baker to Jon Bellion, each artist has shaped the way he interacts with sound. However, you can find the heart of his song writing in his incredibly well-crafted and honest lyrics.

Releasing his latest single “Do Me Like You Do” MICHA delves into dealing with the draw that something or someone can have on you, even when you are well aware of the consequences. Talking about lost lovers MICHA explains, “She is the only place where you feel safe, even when it’s also breaking you down at the same time. It’s a song about desire, desperation, and love.”

Before the pandemic MICHA was part of a duo called Micha and Julia and in a very short amount of time they were able to get their songs notable plays on both Apple Music and Spotify playlists. They played the bigger festivals in The Netherlands such as Lowlands, Bevrijdings festival and opened for a few bigger acts. But when Covid hit they ultimately decided to focus on their own careers as a solo artist.

MICHA decided to write his songs in Nashville TN with the help of some great writing talents and you can hear the experience and commitment with his single “Do Me Like You Do”. His energetic style combines happy with sad, culminating with emotions that bring you out of your body and into the world. And with each line sung, one is taken deeper into the mind of MICHA, and simultaneously into their own.

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