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Written bySaien Benjamin

Swedish songstress TOVE explores the duality of human’s on her ethereal new track “Sucker Punch”

Earlier this month ethereal Scandinavian Indie Pop artist TOVE dropped a beautiful new single, “Sucker Punch”. The track’s Psychedelic sound feels akin to being transported to a snow covered Nordic landscape with the Northern Lights shimmering gracefully on the horizon.

Gentle acoustic guitar and rhythmically pulsating drums set the tone before TOVE’s angelic vocals lure you in like a siren’s song. Then in comes the Bass guitar which really drives the track and intertwines with the acoustic guitar in an almost conversational style. The production and her vocals form the perfect match throughout and are a great credit to her ability as an artist.

Every aspect of the instrumentation feels like it has a clear role within the track from the reverbed whistles which complement the main riff perfectly, to the eclectic mandolin which fills in any potential empty space. There are no unnecessary frills to the track and it feels like it was constructed with a great deal of thought and attention to detail.

TOVE’s poignant lyrics explore forgiveness and choosing to see the good in people even when they’ve done something you feel is unforgivable. She captures the feeling of being conflicted about whether you can ever get past someone you love mistreating you. There is great insightfulness to the way she explores the duality of people.

Crafting a captivating blend of psychedelic indie rock and folk, TOVE embarked on her musical journey in 2019, laying the foundation for a career marked by innovation and heartfelt expression. With the release of her debut EP ‘Made Up Gold‘ in April 2020, she introduced audiences to evocative soundscapes characterized by intricate melodies and introspective lyricism.

Originally from Sweden but now calling Romania home, her endeavors extend beyond music, as she dedicates herself to the noble cause of aiding stray dogs, embodying a spirit of compassion and altruism. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Nordic ’90s indie rock, TOVE infuses her music with a nostalgic yet forward-thinking sensibility, creating a sonic landscape that resonates deeply with listeners. As she immerses herself in the creative process, she is currently shaping new musical experiences that promise to captivate audiences once again.

Beyond her musical talents, her humility shines through, as evidenced by her struggle to acknowledge her own talent, despite the evident richness of her compositions. And while her culinary prowess remains a modest side note, it serves as a metaphor for the depth and flavor present in her artistry. As TOVE continues to navigate the realms of music and compassion, her impact is poised to extend far beyond the confines of the stage, leaving an enduring imprint on hearts and minds alike.

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