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Written byTorsten du Toit

Josephine is Making a Change of Style in Her New Single

Josephine is switching up her usual style to explore the Experimental Rock scene with her latest single: “Stop Chasing Flower Girls!” released by Cosmic Jelly Records. This new soundscape is a great deviation from Josephine’s Indie Pop/Folk tracks, like “Pause” and “ILYSM”, featuring a grittier and edgier theme compared to her other works. Fuelled by an amped bass guitar and her addictive vocals, this track serves to be the only post-breakup song you’ll need. Released on Valentine’s Day 2024, this story told through the lyrics and instrumentation is one about change – whether it be positive or negative – after moving on from that one poignant person you once loved, along with the conflicting thoughts that plague those memories. The lyricism details this along with the darker side of the LA nightlife.

This creative journey has been propelled by Josephine’s newfound love for drumming. Only a year into her rhythmic exploration, she has adopted a music-writing style that prioritizes rhythm. This shift is apparent in the track which showcases Josephine’s first live drum recordings, infusing the track with an authenticity that can only be accomplished by the live drums. “Stop Chasing Flower Girls!” is a collaboration with Ciel Eckard-Lee, her former colleague at various restaurants in Nashville a decade ago. The two bumped into each other in Hollywood, not entirely remembering how they knew each other. They bonded over the contrast between their nights at the restaurants and the life they lead in LA, chasing girls that will inevitably break their hearts.

Alt producer and artist Josephine made significant waves in 2023 with the release of her captivating debut EPs: “Paradise” in January and “Lost?” in June. She embarked on two US tours, showcasing her skills on synthesizers alongside acts like Pink Skies, Magic City Hippies, and Kainalu. Drawing from a diverse range of influences among the likes of James Blake, Father John Misty, Frank Ocean, and Françoise Hardy, Josephine also draws inspiration from her mother, a folk songwriter from the 70s. From her rugged Topanga Canyon studio, The Cove where she operates, Josephine discovered her landlord’s past collaboration with her mother during LA’s 1970s folk movement. This connection culminated in a long-awaited reunion during Josephine’s sold-out performance at the Shakespeare Amphitheater in January 2023, located just below The Cove.

“Stop Chasing Flower Girls!” has been on my mind since I first heard the track, and it’s here to stay in my song rotation for a long time. The filled-to-the-brim production supports the song’s progression, creating a full narrative with lyricism that can be replayed over and over again. I am pumped to see how this change of genre evolves Josephine’s sound in her future works. Go check out the song in the link below.

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