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Written bySaien Benjamin

Thea Dora showcases her immense talent with her second single release, “Harder”.

Rising Danish Indie Electronica artist Thea Dora has just dropped her enchanting second single “Harder”. I was immediately lured in by the drum pattern which reminded me of something you would find on a Grimes track. The shimmering synths came in smoothly along with Thea’s enchanting vocals and I already knew this would be a track I would find myself coming back to with a great deal of regularity. I am not always a huge fan of autotune, but Thea has used it in a way that adds an extra dimension to her vocals without losing the incredible natural voice she has. On the hook, she taps into Pop perfection with incredibly catchy and melodic vocals.

For an artist this early in her career, she shows an incredible knack for song structure and songwriting. The progression of the track kept a great balance between varying the soundscape whilst still keeping a clear sense of direction. Following the success of her debut track, “Collected,” co-produced by industry heavyweight Ronni Vindahl, Thea Dora beckons listeners into a realm where synthetic landscapes blend seamlessly with organic emotions, urging us to sway between the beats of exhilaration and introspection. With each note, she constructs a sonic universe that pulsates with both raw power and delicate vulnerability, inviting us to dance amidst the chaos of existence.

In “Harder,” she paints a portrait of desire tinged with existential turmoil, encapsulating the relentless pursuit of fulfillment amidst a whirlwind of uncertainty. Through gritty club rhythms and saccharine vocals, she crafts an auditory experience that captivates and enthralls, pulling us deeper into her enigmatic narrative. The accompanying music video, shot in vlog style, offers an intimate glimpse into the essence of Thea’s artistry, unveiling the layers of complexity that define her creative identity and propelling her towards the forefront of contemporary pop.

Born and bred in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Thea Dora channels her vibrant energy and boundless imagination into a sonic tapestry that transcends boundaries. From her humble beginnings strumming chords on a guitar to her evolution as a multifaceted artist and producer, she remains steadfast in her commitment to crafting infectious melodies and pushing the boundaries of pop music. At just 25 years old, she has already established herself as a force to be reckoned with, beckoning listeners into a realm where reality blurs with fantasy, and the only constant is the pulsating beat of her music.

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