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Written bySaien Benjamin

Future Sight is a Refreshing Take on Conscious Hip-Hop

Kwame Adu’s mesmerising new single “Future Sight (Gendo’s Song)” dropped on the 5th of April. It served as the lead single to preview his introspective and transcendent album, Shinji’s Album which dropped two days later. The song is a musical meditation that brings together Kwame’s past, present, and future experiences, emotions, and sonics into a seamless stream of consciousness.

The track opens with a hypnotic beat and Kwame’s captivating voice, which draws the listener in from the first note. Throughout the song, his lyrics are thought-provoking and introspective, exploring the depths of the human psyche. The chorus, in particular, is hauntingly beautiful and stays with the listener long after the song has ended.

Accompanied by a visually stunning video, “Future Sight” showcases Kwame’s artistic prowess and demonstrates his ability to speak directly to the human condition. It is a track that will resonate with both new listeners and avid followers of his work.


“Future Sight” is an excellent introduction to Kwame Adu’s new artistic era, and Shinji’s Album promises to be a must-listen for fans of rap and introspective music alike. With this track, Kwame has proven once again that he is a master of his craft and that his art speaks directly to the human experience.

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