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Written byNick Trethowan

With a new single, alias and direction, all you gotta know is: MADIZA’S GOT THE BLOCK HOT.

Hip Hop is based on a fair amount of bravado. From a projection of dreams, goals and facts, it is an art form which incorporates and directs the growth or pursuit of the creator. With an incredible host of hip-hop talent in South Africa, A1 Madiza (formerly DeeKay)  is an artist whose sound is a statement to the life of struggle, yet still honed by will and determination.

Under a new stage name and in a new direction, A1 Madiza releases his debut single, ‘Block Hot‘. The single showcases his lyrical prowess and smooth flow over heavy-hitting 808s and a groovy, driving bassline. The track was produced by Madiza’s right-hand man Lyrical Audio, with the two of them bringing to the table their first release of the year and first under the new moniker. 

“Guess I came back with the sauce, Slice that shit up, Yeah we eating pizza out here with the boys.”

Madiza was born on April 21 2000 in King Williams Town, South Africa, by the name Luzuko Ntame. He and his siblings were supported by their single mother who worked away in Cape Town to provide for them while being raised by his grandmother in their hometown. Sadly, both his grandmother and mother passed away while he was a teenager, leaving Madiza living alone and having to fend for himself at a young age.

Yet despite the challenges and hardships endured, the pursuit of music stood through-out. Morphing, growing and shifting, Madiza, has been working on his sound, his flows and himself, in a way that shifted from his freshman project to his now sophomore amalgamation with set releases throughout the year leading to his first EP.

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