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Written bySaien Benjamin

Raw and authentic Newcastle Punk Rocker’s Fast Blood are bringing “Salvation” to the Punk scene with their latest release.

Earlier today Newcastle Punk Rockers Fast Blood released “Salvation” the second single release from their highly awaited debut album “Sunny Blunts”. The track’s raw Punk sound feels like a welcome change from a lot of the Soulless Pop-Punk being pushed. The distorted yet intricate guitar riffs and fast-paced drums create a classic punk sound reminiscent of the likes of Descendents, Hot Snake and “Dude Ranch” era Blink 182. However, vocalist Abi’s distinctive vocals, with her unmistakable Northern English accent, add a refreshingly different spin to Fast Blood’s sound.

‘Salvation’ is an unstoppable burst of energy that takes you through numerous twists and turns in its four minutes. Maybe, a little more radio-friendly than its predecessor track, with its anthemic lead vocal and super-catchy guitars held up by frantic drums and a rock-solid bass anchor. Despite the poppy hooks, the song is introspective and self-reflecting, with vocalist Abi Barlow’s plea of “give me Salvation, I don’t know my own mind” sure to become an earworm in your brain.

Fast Blood - Main Image

Fast Blood has been a staple of the DIY Punk scene with their powerful, relentless sound, and give no fucks attitude, since 2019. Their sound comprises fast-paced, energetic Punk Rock with a nod to 90’s midwestern Indie/Emo, Hardcore, and Garage Punk. Principal songwriter, Dave Hillier shreds on guitar. His complex, yet smartly constructed riffs are perfectly counterbalanced by Kris Brunsden’s intelligent, driving basslines. Dave Allen bludgeons his drums with such precision and intensity, that it’s no surprise that he’s spent many years pulling shifts in celebrated Hardcore bands such as VOORHEES and NATTERERS. Abi’s soaring vocals are uplifting, and infectious as she bellows honest, authentic, self-examining lyrics from the overtly political to the deeply personal.

Hearing this track was truly a reinvigorating experience for me, with it being ages since I’ve heard a track that is so true to the roots of punk. In an era where the majority of Punk-ish music that gets any sort of mainstream attention, is the soulless, label-manufactured, barely Punk, Pop-Punk drivel of the likes of MGK and Yungblud (excluding the almost 50-year-old former greats like Blink 182), it such a welcome change to hear such authentic Punk music. I will no doubt be waiting in anticipation for the soon-to-come release of “Sunny Blunts” which promises to further shake up the modern Punk landscape. Go give “Salvation” a listen as soon as you can if you enjoy real, raw and authentic Punk music that doesn’t feel like it was created purely with the intention of commercial success.

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