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The Turkish Restaurants taking Cape Town by storm.

Whether you’re craving the succulent lamb doner wraps or the tart sweetness of baklava, Turkish food holds a special place in the hearts of many, including mine. After exploring various Turkish restaurants, I’ve compiled a list to satisfy your cravings and transport you to the lively streets of Istanbul, one falafel at a time. From the traditional flavours of Saray to the simplicity and quality of Turkish Doner, and the refined elegance of A La Turkish, each restaurant offers a distinct culinary experience. These establishments serve as valuable contributors to the rich tapestry of Turkish cuisine available in the region. Their diverse menus and commitment to quality ensure that patrons can enjoy authentic dishes in a variety of settings.

Text and Images by Amy Gajjar


Saray holds a dear place in my heart, serving as my go-to spot for introducing friends to the rich tapestry of Turkish flavours. Nestled in a cosy corner, the ambiance resonates with rich jewel tones and elegant lamps, evoking the essence of Istanbul. As you step inside, you’re greeted with spacious interiors designed for pure relaxation. My culinary journey at Saray is incomplete without indulging in their creamy Sutlac (Turkish rice pudding) and refreshing Alma Cay (Apple Tea), perfectly complemented by a Falafel starter. For the main course, I highly recommend their delectable mixed grill and tantalising cheese pide (Turkish flatbread). Saray truly offers value for money, with each visit accompanied by complimentary, irresistibly fluffy bread. With swift service and a diverse menu catering to every palate, Saray ensures a memorable dining experience. However, if you prefer to dine without shisha smoke, I suggest opting for indoor seating.

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Turkish Doner

Located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Bo Kaap, Turkish Doner beckons with its flavorful offerings and inviting ambiance. Situated adjacent to a charming Turkish supermarket, this eatery boasts textured crimped chips and succulent lamb doner wraps that melt in your mouth. While the limited menu revolves around the iconic doner, each dish is a masterpiece of flavour, generously coated in delicious sauces. Outdoor seating allows patrons to soak in the sunshine while savouring their meal, although caution is advised for those wary of oiliness. For a complete Turkish culinary experience, I recommend exploring the adjacent Turkish market, brimming with tantalising snacks and fresh meats from the in-house butchery.

A La Turkish

A recent addition to my list of favourites, A La Turkish captivates diners with its enchanting ambiance and exquisite flavours. Whether basking in the glow of night lights or enjoying the warmth of daylight, this restaurant exudes Turkish charm and hospitality. Indulge your sweet tooth with their irresistible baklava, a symphony of flavours that leaves a lasting impression. With generous portions and impeccable service, A La Turkish offers exceptional value for money, making it a must-visit destination for culinary enthusiasts.

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