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Written byTorsten du Toit

The duality of a MIRROR in our dark times.

With her debut Alternative R&B release, donning a celestial sound, we are invited into Micah’s soundscape and mindset of introspection amid profound darkness in our lives. Micah builds a strong presence with her vocals and instrumental style, and it’s here to stay.

Micah, a 20-year-old artist hailing from Limpopo, South Africa, is currently making waves in the London music scene while pursuing her studies in Music Business. Despite her recent entry into the industry, Micah’s musical journey began in her tween years, when she discovered a passion for songwriting. In 2022, she ventured into music production, creating detailed demos, and her entrancing voice found its way to live shows in London and South Africa. Micah’s upcoming debut single, “MIRROR,” showcases her distinct sound, crafted in collaboration with producer Qemal Torra.

Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, Micah’s songwriting serves as a cathartic exploration of themes such as isolation, grief, depression, healing, and hope.

Through her raw lyricism, she aims to create a safe space for listeners to embrace a range of emotions. Micah’s commitment to organic growth and authenticity is evident as she plans to share more releases in the coming year, driven by a strong work ethic and a desire for a genuine connection with her audience.

Influenced by artists like FKA Twigs, Billie Eilish, Labrinth, Thundercat, and WILLOW, Micah embarks on a daring journey of musical experimentation by constantly pushing the boundaries of sound. She promises an innovative and captivating future in the music industry.

Micah’s debut single will be accompanied by a highly anticipated music video set to release on February 2, 2024, showcasing her conceptual artistry and creative vision with contributions from talents like Lorraíne Khamali and EPA Productions by Udochukwu Emeka-Okafor. Micah is poised for an exciting trajectory in her burgeoning career.

Micah’s lyricism in the single tells a grave story of how the reflection in the mirror shows two sides of her, in the strength and vulnerability of her character. This reflection bears witness to subtle nuances of her life and unveils facets that even she may overlook, with it representing the only constant comrade through her – and our – restless journey towards inner peace. Straight out of the gate, the listener is drawn into her mentality and vulnerability through her unique songwriting style.

The track’s synthy – yet hard-hitting – soundscapes elevate her narrative, building an image of Micah’s mental state through its dream-like synths and muffled percussion, which in turn makes her voice the forefront of it. The single serves as an open invitation for those struggling to come to terms with their vulnerability to take on the gruelling journey of introspection. It also serves as a reminder for people to confront their reflections. Listen to the song on Spotify, out now!

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