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Written bySaien Benjamin

David From Barberton breathes new life into South African classic “Weekend Special” with his new take.

LA-based, South African producer David From Barberton just dropped a funky cover of Brenda and the Big Dudes South African classic “Weekend Special”. From the first listen, I was immediately struck by how David retained the original track’s essence while bringing his own modern Indie Pop and Funk infused twist. David has worked with a variety of artists on the local Pop scene in South Africa before moving to LA and releasing music under his own name.

The beat is drenched in warm synth lines that create a laidback, vibrant feel, whilst retaining the instrumentation of the Brenda and the Big Dudes original. The autotuned Daft Punk-esque vocals work as a perfect compliment to the production and combine to provide the perfect soundtrack to a summer day at the beach.

David is an unassuming music producer with roots in the dusty mining town of Barberton, Mpumalanga. His journey in the music world began as an assistant producer on the bustling UK scene, collaborating with London-based songwriter/producer Anders Kallmark, recognized for his work with artists like Kylie Minogue and Pixie Lott. However, David felt the pull back to his South African roots, where he embarked on producing records for local Pop and Hip-Hop luminaries, including Kyle Deutsch, Beast RSA, and Gigi Lamayne.

In a bold move, David decided to step into the spotlight, unveiling his musical creations under his own name. His debut single, a heartfelt reinterpretation of the 1974 hit “Magic” by Scottish band Pilot, quietly found its place in the unexpected realm of the popular Amazon Studios queer romcom “Red, White and Royal Blue.”

Now, with his latest single, David takes on the challenge of reimagining Brenda Fassie‘s iconic South African hit “Weekend Special”. True to his style, the track pays homage to the original’s funky and melodic sound while seamlessly ushering it into the modern era.

David’s artistic prowess lies in his ability to blend the timeless with the contemporary, promising listeners a musical journey that seamlessly weaves nostalgia and modernity. I highly recommend giving the track a listen on Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube as soon as you can.

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