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Written byLiam Girie

If you thought Hip Hop was dead, think again.

Laudable is is a rising star in the Cape Town Hip-Hop scene whose story truly lives up to his moniker. Versatile, adept, and stylish, Laudable is at the vanguard of this generation’s up-and-coming musical talent and is an all-round amazing individual. With these things in mind, it bears no question that we are helplessly giddy to inform you of the release of his latest mixtape; Minerals, which releases in just two days.

Inspired by the Guy Richie classic, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Laudable invites you to ask him if he has the minerals. If you’ve experienced any of his prior works, you would already be alive to the fact that the question is rhetorical. Laudable has the minerals, and he’s dropping them at our feet this Friday following the keenly anticipated release of his latest project of 2022.

Laudable’s Minerals drops this Friday (28th October)

The project promises to count among Laudable’s most restless releases to date, a quest to re-invent his sound that has seen him spending the last several months travelling between Cape Town and Jozi to record. The end product is an immersive brainstorm that pulls you deep into Laudable’s world, where his word is law and we are slaves to his hypnotic instrumentals, intricate verses, and erudite flow. If the absence of as many features as his prior releases is anything to go by, this appears to be Laudable’s most personal body of work yet, a primarily intimate project championed by the masterly production skills of Memphis.

Independently distributed on, the pre-save page for Minerals greets you with a message that assures more attention-grabbing production from Memphis and the return of Laudable’s genius wordplay. Being long-standing admirers of both artists, this much we have learned expect. What’s most intriguing is the message’s final promise, which is for Laudable to deliver his most confident performance yet. And if there was any merit to suspicions of the upcoming mixtape being anything besides what has been promised, it is crushed immediately and most persuasively following a single listening of the tape’s single, The Shooter.

If you wish to count yourself among those blessed this Friday 28th with the precious minerals spawned through Laudable’s Midas touch, you can pre-save the mixtape on Spotify here. Do not sleep on this guy. Otherwise kaantie you’ll be the one pretending to have known him before he blew up.

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