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Written byLiam Girie

“Expect to see us running like horses in the field.”

MASS is a name within our city’s music scene both known and loved for the tantamount principles guiding the collective’s approach to its events. This being, MASS events are as much about burning up the dancefloor with deftly curated line-ups featuring an eclectic and ever-growing cast of refreshing talent as they are all about fostering diversity and inclusivity within the rave community. MASS treats and includes every raver and artist as part of the family. They love you all!

Brought to life by the visions of Uncle Nick and resident co-founder Michael Strever, MASS is a beloved project that was born on the very dance floors it now sets ablaze. Alongside their creative director and rostered Hamshack host Piá Beguinot, and resident spin doctor, the illustrious Kyle Russouw; MASS celebrates the beauty of variety within the context of their shared passion for dance music and throwing good parties. We caught up with them to chat about their presence in Cape Town, STB, and a much-awaited return.

The MASS team at the Other Radio.

How would you describe yourselves as a collective? 

“Well, we are a party that is focused on the deeper side of hypnotic techno which started back in 2017 before this was a known sound within the City and its scene, as Nick and Strever were born and bred in Joburg where this style of techno was more popularised. They saw a gap for a party which emphasises more intelligently repetitive drone sounds.”

What are your goals and what motivates you?

“Introducing new artists and giving them an opportunity to express themselves in a late night underground dance dance context.”

How would you describe your role in Cape Town’s electronic music scene?

“Our aim is to provide a safe space for all, with a large push for diversity behind and in front of the decks in spaces which have previously been dominated by pretty much white men only. “

Introducing Cape Town to new energies and artists is a long-standing ethos of your collective. After four cycles around the sun, what would you say are your proudest achievements in this regard?

  • Being to host various international artists such as:  Deepbass, Blazej Malinowski, and Border One.
  • Giving debuts to artists at the club, who have gone on to prove that they are the shit.
  • Being involved in a scene that has other collectives who are like minded, all pushing for the same common goals in terms of our growing scene in Cape Town.

“You can find us on the dancefloor or local radio station actively listening for new and exciting artists to book, as well as platforms such as Soundcloud and Mixcloud. Music first always. In terms of favourites currently, Derusan, JNN KPN and the kids on block:  S.A.M & PULS/E (S/O Nocturn).”

Are there any people you would like to shout out as being influential in the inception of MASS?

“s/o Faretrade, Joan & our lovely brand ambassadors, as well as Mødular for giving us a space to express ourselves and bring us together.”

With the long-anticipated reprisal of Smalltown Beat just around the corner, what are you guys most looking forward to?

“We are just happy to be back at the festival and reunited with our beloved Strever who will be making it back from Holland.”


What can we expect from MASS at this year’s Festival?

“Expect to see us running like horses in the field, with our exciting lineup Featuring the lovely NATĀSA all the way from the 011, making her STB debut. Our Funcle Kyle Russouw doing what he does best and the long awaited return of STREVER.”

Do you have any recommendations or advice for the partygoers joining us as STB?

“If you haven’t got a ticket yet; Eish.

Stay safe, look after your friends and remember it’s all about the music.”

The MASS project has been an integral component of the push towards fostering an ecosystem of greater representation, inclusivity, and love within the music scene. As far as we are concerned, they are doing god’s work – For a city as diverse as ours, the techno scene is too far dominated by (say it with me) straight white men. We could not be more hyped to see what hell they let loose at STB in just one month’s time.

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