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Written bySaien Benjamin

From Boston to the World, Air Traffic Controller are here to be heard, with the release of their “Fool’s Gold” music video.

Boston Indie Pop gems Air Traffic Controller fittingly released their  “Fool’s Gold” music video yesterday on April Fools Day. The sweet, nostalgic tune is the latest release of their acclaimed “Dash” LP.  The track is driven by an eclectic kalimba, gentle acoustic guitar, and a steadily driving drum pattern. Lead vocalist Dave Munro’s gentle, whispy vocals provide the perfect match to the production, with a tone and pitch that is a throwback to 2000s Indie acts like Phoenix, Sufjan Stevens, and Bon Iver.

When describing the track in more detail, frontman Dave Munro writes: “I’ve been living this music “dream” for most of my adult life, where success in this business was my “gold”, and believe me, I’m still digging for it today, but not in a frantic or self-destructive way. While on this journey, I started a family and discovered the joy of being a father, which has become my gold, and more. This song is about my once elusive “gold”, how to hold onto it, and knowing its value.”

“Fool’s Gold,” is a testament to the band’s evolution and knack for crafting songs that resonate with the times. The track, produced by Dan Cardinal and recorded with Seth Kasper & Air Traffic Controller at Dimension Sound Studio in Boston, showcases the band’s ability to blend Indie Pop elements with a touch of the mystical. The use of a small kalimba instrument, played by drummer Adam Salameh through a Leslie amplifier, adds a unique and mysterious ambience to the song. This creative choice is a hallmark of their sound, as they continually seek to surprise and engage their listeners with unexpected sonic textures.

The track feels particularly relevant in the post-pandemic era, as it delves into themes of reevaluating priorities and chasing after what truly matters. The introspective lyrics and captivating melody are a reflection of the band’s journey and their commitment to producing music that is both timeless and reflective of the current moment. Fans of the band and newcomers alike can look forward to experiencing more of Air Traffic Controller‘s softer side in their upcoming acoustic studio release in 2024. The band’s ability to evolve while staying true to their Indie-Folk-Pop roots is a testament to their skill and creativity as musicians.

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