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Written bySaien Benjamin

Walter The Producer generates intrigue and excitement by dropping part 1 of the “PLEASE HELP ME I’M SCARED” album.

On Friday the enigma that is Walter The Producer dropped his EP “PLEASE HELP ME…” with the focus track “I’m Scared”. The EP serves as the first part to his highly anticipated 14-track album “PLEASE HELP ME I’M SCARED” which is set to release on June 14th. “I’M SCARED” is a smooth, groovy Indie Pop track with a funky twist. The production is simplistic but captivating, driven by woozy guitar riffs and a bouncy drum pattern. Walter The Producer’s falsetto vocals float seamlessly over the beat, transporting the listener to a heavenly, sun-soaked day on the beach with a cooler box filled with ice-cold beers. Walter The Producer made his grand entrance into the music scene in 2023 with his debut, the “No Substance Mixtape“.

Since then, his unique sound has garnered significant attention, earning him a coveted spot at Lollapalooza this August and securing his place on numerous playlists. Despite his rising fame, the man behind the music, known offstage as Reid, remains a mysterious figure at 21, preferring his music to speak on his behalf. This only adds to the allure of his latest multi-part project, “PLEASE HELP ME I’M SCARED”, a deeply personal work created in the solitude of his grandmother’s house in Rhode Island and now available on all major streaming platforms through Slumbo Labs.

Walter The Producer’s music is a reflection of his intricate emotions and life experiences. “PLEASE HELP ME…”, was born out of a tumultuous period filled with both recognition and internal strife. “This is a project I made during a confusing time,” Walter confides. Despite the success and growing audience, he grappled with depression and anxiety, a paradox he found unsettling. The project features standout tracks like “I’M SCARED,” along with earlier singles “PAMPLEMOUSSE,” a collaboration with Max Morando, and “NOW WE’RE GETTING THERE,” praised by UpToHear as “a delicious introduction” to his sound.

The album promises a rich blend of Alt-Indie and Disco Pop, drawing inspiration from the likes of Tame Impala, Steve Lacy, and Childish Gambino. Walter The Producer’s creative journey, from his early days mastering guitar and piano to his meticulous self-production, showcases his bold and inventive spirit, revealing a depth of emotion and raw talent that resonates profoundly through his music. “I’m Scared” has been on repeat for me since its release and I am waiting in excited anticipation for “Help Me I’m” scared. Go give “I’m Scared” a listen and if you like what you hear be sure to checkout the rest of the “Please Help Me…” EP.

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