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Written byNick Trethowan

Latroit refreshes a classic House tune with a modern spin on his remix of “Good Life”

Latroit, aka Dennis White, is a bonafide legend in the House music scene, showcasing an impressive track record that speaks volumes about his talent. His remix of “Good Life” is a testament to his prowess, earning him a spot in the Top 10 of the Billboard Club Chart—an achievement not many can boast.

With his good life remix Latroit has breathed fresh life into a classic House tune. He has added a new spin, featuring standout vocals from the Soweto Gospel Choir which provide a great compliment to the track, whilst retaining the old-school House nostalgia of the original.

What sets Latroit apart isn’t just the chart success but also his ability to rack up over 100 million streams across various platforms. Bagging a Grammy for his remix of Depeche Mode’s ‘You Move,’ Latroit proves he’s not just riding the waves; he’s shaping them.

Diving into his remix catalog reveals collaborations with heavyweights like deadmau5, Nile Rodgers, and Idris Elba. His sonic creations have found homes in commercials for Apple, Lexus, Fortnite, HBO, Ubisoft, Amazon, NFL, MLB, and FOX Entertainment.

The latest project on Latroit’s musical horizon is ‘History of House,’ a deep dive into the genre’s evolution and Africa’s undeniable influence. With 30 years of experience entrenched in the House music scenes of LA and Detroit, Latroit brings a unique perspective to the table.

He is a truly innovative artist in the way he is able to reinvigorate classic House tracks without losing the essence of the original. His remix of “Good Life” is a perfect tune to melt away your worries on the dancefloor.

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