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Written byGulshan Stodel

“I lived and loved it baby .” ~ Alex Solomon

From right out the gate, Alex Solomon’s music genre is definitely that of classic Modern Pop /Pop Rock. A storyteller of note, all her songs encapsulate scenarios many of us can relate to and what better way to do that than through music. Solomon’s style is that of a 2020’s Lily Allen meets Ariana Grande or even Selena Gomez, as they all do an impeccable job of setting the scene through storytelling while utilising catchy instrumentals to cultivate on the emotions behind the story. As her own artist, Alex has a stunning, unique sound of her own prevalent in each single she has so far put out. 

Growing up, Solomon was influenced by artists such as Dido, Cèline Deon and Micheal Bubblè whose music deeply wove their way into her core memories and emotions. Solomon’s musical journey began at 16 when she got a ukulele as a gift and had to prove the purchase worthwhile by performing a song she had written. After a beautiful family moment, bringing them to tears with her act, Solomon describes it as “the exact moment I realised I might have stumbled upon something really special.”

A storyteller of note, all her songs encapsulate scenarios many of us can relate to and what better way to do that than through music.

Alex Solomon’s new single “Let Me Use You” will be coming out on June 24th, available on Spotify and Apple Music. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to listen before its release. “Let Me Use You” is an incredibly catchy pop song that sounds like a memory you’d happily create again as well as not want to ever forget! The song has a tune with great potential to be stuck in your head for days and I assure you it’s for all the right reasons. With its focus being on two people who are seemingly stuck between the age-old debate of love & lust and the difference between wants and needs. Should we or shouldn’t we? The song describes in very relatable terms the motions of two people who shouldn’t but go for it anyway. With a similar sonic tone to one of Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez, “Let Me Use You” has an energy and vibe, and evokes emotions alike to songs such as “Boyfriend” by Gomez and “Love Me Harder” by Grande. “Let Me Use You” raises strong urges of feminine power, that feeling most womxn are familiar with when they want someone or something and the urge to go for it completely takes over. There is strong sexual energy in this track, perfect to hype anyone up for a night out, or one of those scandalous nights in…

“Let Me Use You” is composed of guitar lines, which holds a very catchy bass to the song which will have you and your foot tapping away happily. The incorporation of a strong drum kick works well to keep up the beat of the song, keeping the energy moving and flowing that had my head nodding along with ease. Alex uses her voice to layer her vocals throughout the song, giving it a unique ethereal quality at points. There is also a very quirky style of ad-lib elements used in the background of the song too that pop wonderfully and bring a real atmosphere.

This is the type of song you would happily listen to getting ready for a cheeky night out or even whilst you and your friends drive with the windows down at night as the wind whirls everyone’s voices around the car. Because if this track is to be put in any category other than outright pop, it is certainly ‘sing-along’! 

I look up to the upcoming, young artists the most. Despite the stigma and struggles of uncertainty when choosing to pursue music, every single one of them have taken the gamble, believed in themselves, and chosen passion and purpose over a ‘safer’ option- I truly think those are the most badass, powerful, and alive people. ~ Alex Solomon

Alex has come out with a bang, with her past two singles already getting notable acclaim and recognition, the talented Cape Town artist keeps it coming and doesn’t look like on stopping anytime soon. Having been listed in major South African Apple Official Pop playlist, her debut single EX-GIRLFRIEND” and  “Evil, Evil Baby” have the same quirky tone and pop banger anthem style that she has begun to establish so well.

Solomon is an artist we should all keep our eye on. Her potential is far reaching and without a doubt will take her to astounding places in her career as a musician. Watch this space, and while you’re at it, listen to Alex’s singles, ‘EX-GIRLFRIEND’, ‘Evil, Evil Baby’, out now. And of course, get ready for ‘Let Me Use You’, coming out on June 24th.

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Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. ~ Confucius, The Book of Rites