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Written byNick Trethowan

“Keep it interesting and keep ’em dancing.”

Since 2017, NTSC Worldwide has been a collective of 5 DJs and friends who have established their events and focused truly on their love and passion for House and Techno. From the early days of The NTSC Racing Club to BioDive’s spectacular EP launches, the team have grown and come a long way whilst still keeping their blend of good music, humour and attention to whether or not their party-goer is having fun.

Throughout the SmallTown Beat Profiles series, I am constantly reminded of our ethos at the CCC. Finding people who share your passion creates a strength that is something so much more profound and powerful than anything an individual can do. Our preferred communities encourage and initiate so much life into our own individual passions. NTSC like all of the collectives involved in STB, shine in their strength that if the music is put first, while at the same time, the experience of the event goer is genuinely, truly enjoyable, then everything else will follow.

With the SmallTown Beats Warm-up event this weekend, we caught up with the team behind NTSC to chat about the who’s who in the team, what their motivation towards their scene is and what to expect from NTSC at STB this year-round.

  1.       How was NTSC established?
    We initially started the idea as a House and Techno night and proposed this to Jed Cohen at Modular back in 2017. This kicked off our NTSC nights at the quintessential club in CT. Our members are made up of:
    Terrence Pearce / Biodive
    Rob Hannah
    DJ Guy
    Aryu Jassika
    Ray Bennett
    Slow Motion City

We all hold roles as DJ’s and contribute as a whole to the collective.

“We draw from the burgeoning years of House and Techno and its many hats right through to today.”

  1.       What is NTSC?

We’d describe ourselves as a collective simply: keep it interesting and keep ’em dancing. We all love music and are all involved in the local music scene to some degree. Be it through events, DJ’ing, design, venues, music production and so on.

  1.       How would you describe NTSC’s role in the Cape Town house/techno scene?

 We believe in paying it forward. We all try to contribute something different musically too.


  1.       What are the qualities of an NTSC jol that make it unique?

It’s a bit of humor, fun and good club music. We attribute perseverance and teamwork to the popularity and success of NTSC. What sets our events apart from others is The Music. That and we always try to provide a place for new talent whether on our monthly takeover show on Hamshack or at one of our events.

  • How would you describe your crowd?



  1.       How would you describe your sound and where do you draw influence from? 

There’s so much influence it’d be too long a list!

But we draw from the burgeoning years of house and techno and its many hats right through to today.


  1.       What have your past experiences of Smalltown Beat been like and what were your favourite sets?

Some of us went to the inaugural STB and We had a good time. The following year we were booked for a showcase and the rest is history.


  1.       What can we expect from NTSC at this year’s Smalltown Beat?

We have some very special guests who we are fortunate enough to call friends too. We will provide a wide range of dance sounds from our first set which will be a b2b by Sanetra and Slow Motion City followed by a formidable talent Sunsunus from Jozi followed by influential talents and some of the hardest working in the scene Rose Bonica and Pia. Safe to say we are planning to give it our all during our showcase.

  1.       Do you have any advice or recommendations for party-goers preparing themselves for this year’s festival?

Respect fellow attendees. Have an open mind. Stay hydrated and have lots of fun.


  1.   What are you looking forward to the most at Smalltown Beat 2022?

Besides the festival itself. Our accomodation in the town where we can unwind.

WIth another step closer on the road to SmallTown Beat 2022, be sure to find our more about the collectives behind the party and what to expect this year round with our SmallTown Profiles.