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No purpose,

just vibes.

Introducing Luka / @trashluka, a multidisciplinary designer and artist but by trade works as a UX/UI designer and illustrator.

Fun, expressive and quirky, his work is both inventive and yet still based in the realm of pop culture – playing on fringe styles and influences all masterfully rounded up in pieces that carry the eye and please the mind.

Luka’s work follows his ever-developing journey of personal tastes. His inspiration and influence come from a variety of different sources – whether it be elements from baroque era paintings to street-inspired graphics, Luka mixes in whatever resonates with him at the time.

“There is a constant state of interpolation within what I do, combining various different elements in order to satisfy my need to adhere to a certain standard of aesthetic or nature.”

“Although my personal work does not directly correlate to my current trade, I continue to do what I do to secure a sick portfolio for a time where I wish to detour to a different creative field. Ideally, I’d want my art to be able to sustain me within the industry – in a space where I can create as myself beyond the restriction of the standard creative industry (which is quite limiting and lowkey sucks).”

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