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The power to tell a story

that might not be visible to the naked eye.

“There aren’t many things I dislike but ignorance/obnoxiousness without openness to change really pisses me off, so does trance and country music. And whole slices of tomato.”

Inspired by his father’s influence, 20-year-old London born and Cape Town raised, Lorcan Berg (@ihatelorcan) approaches his photography with a dedication and passion that is conceivable in all aspects of his work.
Creative, vivid and expressive, he effortlessly captures stunning portraits and frames of scenes and moments at exactly the right second – that dazzle the eye and leaves you wanting to see more. We chatted to him about what inspires him, exhibitions that have shaped him and what he sees his purpose as an artist is.

“It is difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what inspires me or my work because I don’t like to think of inspiration as a specific or definable thing. I think everyone should look for inspiration in everything they see. If you are familiar with the ideas, colours or concepts that inspire you, you unlock a whole new world of inspiration and can find it in anything from reading the newspaper to brushing your teeth.

I have been very lucky to have seen some incredible galleries thanks to my parents but one exhibition really stuck with me above the rest. I saw a William Eggleston exhibition in London in either 2017 or 2018 and before then I’d seen photography as this art form that needs intricately planned compositions, extensive editing and just a boatload of effort to be “good”. Oh, how wrong was I, and it was this exhibition that taught me that all that isn’t necessary. The beauty of photography is that you can make the plainest or seemingly uninteresting situations beautiful, you have the power to tell a story that might not be visible to the naked eye. That exhibition taught me to train my eye rather than study techniques or equipment. If you train your eye the other stuff comes naturally and is more irrelevant.

My purpose as an artist is to make others feel good about themselves, collaborate with fellow creatives, stimulate and inspire those who consume my work, validate myself, distract myself from the horrors of the world and eradicate my lack of self-belief.”

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