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Written byZenith Phaal

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For our first Writer’s Pick I’ve delved back into my multitude of songs and from it pulled 3 tracks I think are worth your time. They’re not the best songs in the world but they’re special to me and I’m really enjoying them at the moment. I hope you enjoy them too.

They be bopping. No lies. Fr Fr

  1. Friction – Shame.

    I rediscovered this song recently and have been absolutely bopping to it. It’s got a strong message about our perceived trajectory forward as a society and the real trajectory of the world, regressing, with prevalent political nonsense existing outside our little bubbles.

    If you’re into alt/indie this track will rock your socks.

2. Sunny Afternoon – 雲端司機 CLOUDRIVER

Vocals are usually a make or break for me, but this song is an exception. There are some vocals I love and some I hate. I find some of the lyrics very questionable. this is not my ideal track but something about it keeps drawing me back in. It captures a specific vibe perfectly. I think it’s definitely worth a listen.

3. Neat Beats – Why Would We Need Breaks?

This is electronic/dance but I truly can’t imagine anyone dancing to this track (that is a challenge). I love the juxtaposition of sweet, melancholic piano and the breakcore drums absolutely going at it. This track holds a special place in my heart. It’s moody, it’s intense. It’s a bit repetitive, but it’s great.

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